Free Local Car Care and Diagnostic Services

For women, grandmothers, the elderly – or anyone who just isn’t mechanically inclined – there’s help from Advance Auto when it comes to your car problems. The nationwide auto part store offers many services, including diagnostics and replacing some car parts, for those that simply don’t know how to work on cars – and the services are free.

If you’ve been told you need a new headlight bulb, for example, but don’t know how to take the old one out and put the new one in, get to the nearest Advance Auto Parts store and you’ll be in safe hands. Advance Auto Parts is a godsend to those that need car parts but don’t necessarily know how to replace the old ones. They’ll come out to your car and remove the old bulb, replacing it with the new. This service is free to all. Simply visit any Advance Auto Parts store and ask an assistant to come to the car and help you.

Going down the road and hear a funny knocking sound? Maybe your car suffers from some strange ticking noise instead? Pull over to any Advance Auto Parts store and they’ll hook up a diagnostic machine that will test some of the car’s engine parts. The machine will be able to tell you if you need new plugs or points, or whether you’re having carburetor problems. The machine will not tell you if you need things like new tires or headlights, though.

At most Advance Auto Parts stores, the clerks are also mechanics, or very knowledgeable about cars and car parts. They can help you change the battery, put on a new radiator cap, or make recommendations as to what might be wrong with your car and what might cure the problem. It’s expensive to hire a mechanic, so before you do, go to Advance Auto Parts for answers to your car problems.

In addition to helping you diagnose your car’s malady, and helping you replace certain parts, Advance Auto Parts also carries just about any car part you could possibly need. If they don’t carry it, they can order it for you within a couple of days.

Although Advance Auto Parts will perform the free diagnostic testing, in hopes that you’ll purchase your need parts from them, keep in mind that they don’t do mechanic work such as replace radiators or rebuild the carburetor. Their services are limited to small repair jobs which can be done on the lot in a few minutes.

If you’re a car dummy, like me, you’ll appreciate Advance Auto Parts, where you can pull up and get help in minutes, and be on your way to your destination in no time, with no extra labor fees. Check your phone book or online for the nearest store in your area and write down the address. You may need this valuable information in the near future – but let’s hope not!

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