Autumn & Christmas Baking Ideas for Parents and Their Kids

This time of year is perfect for starting new family traditions or keeping the old ones alive! Why not get the children in your life involved in some holiday baking? There are a multitude of holiday-themed cakes and cookies you can make and at the same time create cherished memories with your loved ones. This is the stuff that makes every season worth celebrating!

Try some Fall Color cupcakes using yellow cake mix. Using fall-themed baking cups adds a very cute touch. Ice your cupcakes with a buttercream icing and then add some fall-colored Candy Melts (red, orange, brown, yellow and white). Sprinkle them with leaf sprinkles. These are so easy and definately display the colors of fall simply, yet elegantly.

Your Thanksgiving table would be a hit with a Pilgrim Pair! His and her cakes can go alongside your turkey and pumpkin pie. Use a spice cake recipe for authentic fall flavor. You will need a Little Hero baking mold and the Pilgrim Boy and Girl Pattern. After baking the two cakes, you trim the collar area, ice the cakes, and then trace the boy and girl patterns onto the cakes using toothpicks.

Pipe the socks, outline the heads, clothes, and gun with tips. Pipe a string mouth and dot the eyes. Use tips to make pupils. Fill in all areas except gun, collars, cuffs, back hat brims, girl’s apron and boys hat. Ad pumkin gun, back of hat brims, hat band, collars and cuffs. You will then add the pumpkin stem and buckles. Finally, add boys front hat pin and bottom borders. Each cake serves 12.

For Christmas, how about trying a Reindeer Cookie Cake? Using the Animal Cracker cookie pan, and an antler pattern, you can trace the antlers onto the rolled out cookie dough and cut them with a knife. Ice with Buttercream Icing and then shape the ears to a point with your icing and spatula. Pipe the inside of your ears, eyes and nose. Outline the mouth and center of muzzle with tips and pipe in mouth and tongue. Cover cake with tip 18 stars. Cover tops of antler cookies with tip 8. Insert the antlers into the cake. This will serve 12.

These are just a few of the goodies you can make with your kids, grandchildren, neices, nephews, or whoever that special child is in your life! They’re quick, easy, and will mean so much to the little person in your life as well as spruce up your Holiday feast!

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