Make Candles at Home 8 Easy Steps

Make Candles at Home 8 Easy Steps

As kids we all have learnt that who was the inventor of the Light Bulb? Ofcourse it was no other than the great Thomas Edison who came up with this remarkable invention. However, had Thomas Edison being around these days with so many energy crises going on, he would have probably gone one to make a candle. The Candles are not only useful when there is no light but there are a number of occasions are often quite colorless without them. Hence, these days with electricity short fall in many parts of world, if you know how to make candles, you can be a Thomas Edison of the future.

Things Required:

Wooden spears
Old Nylon Stockings
Candle Wax, wicks, molds, dyes, scents and sprays
Pot Holders
Two Boilers or boiling pots one big and one small
Wooden spoons
Fire Extinguishers


  • 1

    Place the big boiler on the stove adding some water in it and allow it to boil. Make sure that the water level in the pot is no more than 2 inches.

  • 2

    As you see the water is boiling, then carefully place the smaller pot or boiler inside it. If you see that the water in bigger pot is evaporating add some more.

  • 3

    After placing the smaller pot inside the bigger one, put the block of wax inside the smaller pot and allow it to melt.

  • 4

    Once the wax has melted, stir it with the help of wooden spoons but be careful that the stove is lightly lit as the melted wax can catch fire. Turn off the stove when the wax is fully melted.

  • 5

    Remove the pots from the stove but do not separate the two pots. Add the dyes, scents and sprays into the melted wax before it starts to cool.

  • 6

    Have the molds ready by putting the old nylon stockings inside them and placing the wicks right in the center. If you wish to make holes for wicks later one, you may use the wooden skewers.

  • 7

    Now start putting the melted wax inside the molds carefully. Once you have filled all the molds with the melted wax, place inside the refrigerator to cool down.

  • 8

    You can use any old drinking glass or beverage bottles as molds in order to give a desired shape and size to your candles.

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