How to Get a Krawk on Neopets

Offering users an online world called Neopia where they can keep a number of virtual pets, is a popular site which allows members a unique virtual experience. There are a number of pets on offer, and Neopets can have their own pets, known as Petpets. The Krawk is one such rare pet, which is originally a Petpet, but can be turned into a Neopet by employing two methods.

Things Required:

– Neopets account


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    To begin, login into your Neopets account using your login and password. Then, you can select one of two methods in order to obtain a Krawk – one method is mutation, while the other is the potion method. Via the mutation method, you can obtain a Krawk Petpet, and mutate it into a Neopet, while the other method requires you to purchase a variety of potions to transform an already existing Neopet into a Krawk.

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    If you wish to adopt the mutation method, start by making sure you do not have more than a total of 3 Neopets. Then, ensure that you have enough doubloons to purchase a Krawk Petpet for one of the Neopets. For this purpose, you can visit the Trading Post on Mystery Island, or the Auction House in Neopia Central. You can also by the Krawk directly from the Petpet shop on Krawk Island .

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    One you have bought the Krawk Petpet, attach it to one of your Neopets, and then name it. After this is done, you can take it to the Fungus Cave on Krawk Island. Once there, feed the Krawk Petpet some of the fungus, and it will mutate into a Neopet.

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    The second method involves a variety of potions, which you can use to transform the Krawk Petpet into a Neopet. Visit the the Auction House or Trading Post, and from there, purchase either the Krawk Transmogrification or the Krawk Morphing potion.

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    This potion can then be fed to either one of your existing Neopets, which will mutate into a Krawk Neopet. The Morphing potion will result in a Krawk that is the colour specified by the potion, while the Transmogrification potion will result in a Krawk that is mutant-coloured.

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