An Original and Unique Way to Wrap a Child’s Gift

Are you looking for an original way to wrap a child’s gift, and you don’t know where to turn? You can wrap a child’s gift in a two-liter pop bottle that will leave kids guessing as to how you did it. This extremely original way to wrap a child’s present is amazing, and it’s most definitely unique and original. Next time you need to wrap a child’s gift and you want to try something different, try the following gift-wrapping idea for kids. This gift wrapping idea for kids will baffle and amaze kids of all ages, and the novelty of this unique and original gift wrapping idea is almost as good as the present itself.

Required Supplies

We’ve all heard of a ship in a bottle, but how about a gift in a bottle? To wrap a gift in a bottle you’ll need a present that will fit inside a two-liter soda pop bottle, as well as an empty two-liter soda pop bottle with a solid-colored base, sharp pointed scissors, epoxy glue, and a colorful ribbon. Optionally you can surround the gift with shredded tissue paper and bright colored confetti.

Gift Ideas

If you’re in need of gift ideas consider a cute and cuddly stuffed animal, a small game or puzzle, a T-shirt, a car or truck, or even a plastic ship. Whatever you choose, it will be a mystery as to how you stuffed the present into the tiny opening of a two-liter soda pop bottle.


Begin by emptying, washing, and drying a two-liter soda pop bottle that has a solid-colored base. Carefully remove the base of the bottle by pulling it apart, and after the base has been removed, cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle with a sharp pair of scissors. Make certain the bottle is completely dry inside, and place the gift in the bottle along with any other items such as shredded tissue paper and confetti. Put a little epoxy glue inside the base of the bottle, and put the colored base back on the bottle. Allow the epoxy glue to dry completely.

Complete this unique and original present by tying a brightly colored ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Make a gift card from a small rectangular piece of card stock, and punch a hole in the corner. Write the sentiments you desire on the card, and attach it to the bottle, just below the ribbon.

Kids who receive gifts wrapped in this unique and original way will be absolutely delighted. Your gift will surely be the most original, and it will definitely be the most unique present received if you use this method for wrapping a child’s present.

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