How to Dribble Playing Cards

Playing cards is one of the most common indoor pastimes. It is not only fun, but a healthy stimulant when it comes to your brain. There are several games which can be played with cards; however, a beginner should be warned that card games can be quite addictive at times and consequently are great time wasters.

A card deck is not just confined to being used for games. There are several tricks which can also be performed with cards. From one hand to the other, you would have often witnessed a magician shoot a deck of cards. Dribbling with cards may appear to be quite difficult; however, if you practice it often, you can easily master the art.


  • 1

    Choose a high quality deck

    There are many qualities of decks available in markets. Make sure that you purchase a deck of the highest quality if you want to dribble playing cards. You may judge the flexibility of the cards by gently trying to bend them.

    Cards of cheap quality can get scratched very early and are quick to lose shape. Even if you have to spend a bit extra for a good quality deck, it will be worth it because that will actually save you from the hassle of buying a deck of cards again and again.

  • 2

    Grip of the deck

    In a Biddle Grip position, you need to hold the deck in your right hand. The left hand should be in an open position elbow. The grip of your right hand on the deck should neither be too soft nor too firm. However, the left hand can be very soft because it is only playing a supporting role.

  • 3

    Curl the top of the deck

    You should now curl the top of the deck with the right index finger. At the same time, you need to apply pressure with the fingers and the thumb. The pressure should be released simultaneously, which will make the cards fall back to the left hand rapidly.

  • 4

    Complete the dribble

    In order to complete the dribble, you need to square off the cards with both your hands.

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