Scrapbooking: Preserve Your Memories in a Creative Way

How many of you have pictures scattered all over your house? Do you even know where all your pictures are? If any of those questions pertain to you, making a scrapbook may be a good way to preserve all of your memories and reduce some of your picture clutter.

Scrapbooking isn’t necessarily has hard as it may seem. When my daughter was born, a friend recommended that I started a scrapbook of her life. At first I thought that there was no way I could produce a decent looking scrapbook, for I had virtually no artistic talent. I researched scrapbooking on the internet to determine which supplies I would need and tips on how to get started. I am going to share some of those amazing and helpful tips.

The very first thing you should do is get organized and decide what type of theme you would like your scrapbook to have. Popular scrapbooking themes include weddings, new babies, school, holidays, and many more occasions. Your scrapbook can be about whatever you want, the possibilities are endless. Once you have made a decision about a theme it is off to the craft store. My favorite craft store to shop at for scrapbooking supplies is AC Moore. AC Moore has amazing weekly sales and if you keep your eyes open, you can find great deals on any kind of scrapbooking supplies. AC Moore also offers scrapbooking and other craft classes for the general public for a low fee. Michaels is another craft store that will occasional offer discounts on all scrapbooking items.

There are many different types of scrapbooking albums. You should try and choose your album based on the amount of pages you think you might have. There are some scrapbooking albums that will allow you to add more pages, but beware of the ones that do not. When I was searching for an album I ended up purchasing a starter pack for new babies. This started pack included a large album, a glue stick, some background pages, and even stickers pertaining to children. If you are just beginning to scrapbook, this may be a good option for you. I obtained mine from AC Moore, but I believe that other stores will carry them as well. The starter packs generally include a blank book, but the stickers are often themed.

Every scrapbook will need colorful items to draw attention to the pages. Most craft stores will carry themed pages that are great for backgrounds. Most of these pages will have pictures or words that deal with babies, holidays, or any other occasion. Some of these pages will also just be neutral colors or colorful patterns. It is fun to use these pages as backgrounds; however, you can also cut them up and use them in anyway you see fit. Stickers or die-cuts are a great way to spice up a scrapbook page. If you are to use any stickers for your scrapbook, it is recommended that you make sure they are acid free and meant for scrapbooking. You will also want to make sure that all markers or pens are acid free too. These types of items will preserve longer, not bleed all over the page, and generally will not fade. Other scrapbooking supplies that you may wish to purchase can include different edged scissors (to create unique patterns), stamps, and stencils.

Once you are finished purchasing supplies, you should get your pictures as organized as possible. For example, if you are going to do a scrapbook of your child’s younger years, begin by trying to separate photographs by age. Once you have separated them once, you can go further in depth by sorting through birthdays or holidays, if you wish. Completing a scrapbook is not something that will happen over night. Often times it can take weeks, months, or even longer to complete a whole scrapbook. Once you sort out the photographs that you plan on using for the scrapbook, it is recommended that you keep them separated. Storing these photos in a folder, envelope, or shoe box is a great way to say time. Many craft stores will also carry large and clear organizing folders for this purpose.

When you begin to place stickers, backgrounds, and pictures on your pages, you must decide if you’d like to have writing by the pictures. Some scrapbookers will only place small phrases near pictures or not include any writing at all. If you are not planning on personalizing pictures or giving them a caption, you may want to at least produce a heading on the top of the page. For example, if you are doing a page about your child and first grade, you could make a creative heading that says “adventures in first grade,” or something similar to that. If you are not around when someone decides to view your scrapbook, you want them to be able to know what the pictures are all about.

As you continue to complete some of your scrapbook pages, you will see that you work will begin to improve. There are some small tips that will be extremely helpful when you first start scrapbooking. It is a good idea to have a trash can handy. Although you may be trimming small pieces off of pictures or borders, by the time you have a page completed you will have a ton of pieces, that can make for a hard mess to clean up. Pens, pencils, and colored pencils aren’t really a good idea for scrapbooking, unless they are made specifically for it. Using tape can also damage some of your pages and pictures and will not always stick. It is best if you use the acid free glue sticks that are meant for scrapbooks and other craft projects. Always remember to keep your glue stick covered to prevent drying.

Whether you are just are a beginner or an expert scrapbooker, it is a fun craft project that is fairly low cost and fun to make. Scrapbooks also make amazing gifts for your children at weddings, births, or graduations. Keep your memories safe and make them enjoyable to look at, develop a scrapbook!

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