How to Decorate a Mardi Gras Tree

Decorating trees is something people do from time to time, just to celebrate certain occasion. People bring in either a real or a fake tree, and then deck it out with a number of things to make it really stand out and look rather unique.

Most people tend to do so during the Christmas period, when they are looking to get into the mood of things and have a really good time on their hands.

However, some people tend to go ahead and decorate trees during a Mardi Gras event. Not only do they have fun during the course of the event, but they also go on and take things one step further, as they look to add a little something extra to their homes.

Nonetheless, you need to know how to decorate a tree for the Mardi Gras, as opposed to decorating it for Christmas or something else.


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    Get Tree

    The first step for you to do, is to go ahead and buy the tree. You can decide if you want to get a real tree, or get a fake one. This is going to be your call, so make it wisely and don’t let anyone else make it for you.

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    Get the right decorations

    After you have gone on to buy your tree, the next step is for you to go on and buy the decorations. Now with this not being a Christmas tree, you need to buy things that fall in line with the Mardi Gras theme.

    This means you need to get things that are purple and gold in colour, with some green being thrown in every now and then. Remember to focus on getting a lot of beads, since nothing quite says Mardi Gras like beads do.

    You can get bow ties to add a little class to your tree, but once again, all you have to remember is that you need to maintain the colour theme that you have going for you.

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    Use items

    Now you can go ahead and use Christmas ornaments as well, but just remember to change their colours. You can also opt to induce the usage of masks, or custom homemade items, that look like something that people would wear or using during a Mardi Gras carnival normally.

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