How to Add Wheels to Furniture

A possible way to make home furniture more useful is to make it mobile. This can be accomplished by adding wheels to the furniture. Bookcases or carts serve best when they are easy to move around the house. Adding wheels to furniture is a fairly easy task and does not take long. Moreover, the equipment you will need is inexpensive and is readily available at any hardware store.

Things Required:

– Furniture
– Wheels (4) or a set of casters
– Medium grade sandpaper
– Power drill
– Wood glue
– Goggles
– Gloves


  • 1

    Clear the piece of furniture to which you plan to attach the wheels. For instance, if you plan to add wheels to a table, you will need to remove all objects lying on the tabletop. This is because you will want to flip over the furniture. Make sure nothing is attached to the furniture as you flip it over so that the bottom part faces upwards.

  • 2

    Use medium grade sandpaper to thoroughly smooth the spots where you intend to add the wheels. Before moving on to the next step, wipe away dust particles if they remain on the work surface.

  • 3

    Use a power drill to make holes in the centre on the base of the unit’s legs. In case you are using a caster to which a shaft is attached, you will need to drill one hole per leg. The depth of each hole should be the same. If the wheels you want to attach are fitted with metal plates, you will need to drill 4 holes on each leg.

  • 4

    Fill each hole you made in the previous step with a small quantity of wood glue. If you are using casters, there is no need to use the glue. Instead, you will have to push the shafts as far as possible. In case you are using wheels, install a screw in each of the holes.

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