How to Decorate a Simple Candle

Candles are one among the signs of celebration in various religions across the globe. Either it’s a wedding ceremony, church function, or a romantic dinner – candles are used one way or the other. However, the overall appearance of the simple candles can be enhanced with various decoration ideas. The decoration of candles is one among the simple art activities that you can smooth carry out with your children and friends. It is a trouble-free activity where you have been given a free hand to come up with hundred of decoration ideas to embellish your candles. All you need is to lighten up the creative side of your personality. There are numerous ideas that you can think of when it comes to candles’ decoration.

Hand decorated candles can be best gifts for various occasions. Moreover, you can use them in the decoration of your place or can start a profitable business of decorated candles.


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    Decorate Candles with Rubber Stamped Images

    Things Required:

    - Candles
    - White tissue paper -used for wrapping gifts
    - Rubber stamps of your choice
    - Stamp pad - in your choice of color
    - Scissors
    - Heat embossing gun
    - Candle


    Measure the diameter of your candle and use a sharp pair of scissors to white tissue paper accordingly, fitting fit around your candle without overlapping.

    Place the paper on a smooth surface and stamp images of your choice all over it, either in a pattern or randomly.

    Lay the paper on your candle with the stamped side facing outside and hold it firmly.

    Now use a heat embossing gun to little by little heat up the stamped paper in circular motion so that wax of the candle melts and sticks to the paper.

    Place the decorated candle on an even surface and gently roll it until smooth.

    Wait for few minutes until the melted wax dries well and use your decorated candles they way you want.

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    Decorate Candles with Colorful Buttons

    Decorating candles with colorful buttons is a simple but unique idea. Take advantage of the spared buttons in your sewing box and use them to decorate your plain candles. You can use the buttons in numerous ways to decorate the candles. Now learn the simple procedure of Decorating Candles with Buttons.

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    Candles with Beads

    Things Required:

    - Craft Glue
    - Craft Beads – of your favorite color and shapes
    - Craft Brush
    - Plate
    - Candle
    - Readymade Beaded Candle Rings – optional


    Place some craft glue on a plate and mix it with the help of a craft brush.

    Apply a medium layer of glue all around the candle and quickly sprinkle the selected beads all around it.

    Set the candles aside until the glue dries well.

    Beaded Candle Rings: Readymade Beaded Candle Rings are available in the market. Purchase one of your favorite one and attach it to the diameter of the candle, using hot glue gun.

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    Candles with Ribbons

    Things Required:

    - Ribbon – of your favorite color
    - Pair of Scissors
    - Candle


    Grab one of your favorite ribbons, measure it around your candle and cut it with the help of a pair of scissors.

    Wrap the ribbon piece around the candle and knot it like the way you tie a bow.

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    Candles with Felt Flowers

    - Handmade Felt Flowers
    - Glue Gun


    First of all, Make some Wavy Felt Flowers.

    Now, apply some adhesive to back side of the handmade felt flowers and arrange them across the diameter of the candle.

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    Decorating Candles with Glitter & Twigs

    Multicolored glitters add gleaming glimpse to your candles while the twigs give artistic finishing touch to your candles. You may find the ingredients of this simple activity within you’re your house. It is simple, effortless and cost-effective activity – you will love it for sure. Check out the easy procedure of Decorating Candles with Glitter & Twigs.

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