Seashell Crafts in Under 30 Minutes

If you have loads of seashells, but have run out of ideas for using them, don’t worry. There’s literally hundreds of ways to add seashells to your home decor. There’s that many more seashell crafts you can make to give as gifts or keep for yourself.

Place a glass candle holder, with candle, inside a larger clear glass container. It’s nice if the candle holder has a nautical theme. Fill the outside container half full of water and drop in shells. This craft takes only a couple of minutes yet makes a beautiful statement on a table or shelf.

Use fishing twine and tiny dabs of contact cement to hang shells on lamps. Cut lengths of the twine for each shell then glue the twine to the shells and allow to dry. Now glue the other end of the twine to the edge of a lampshade, then cover the twine ends with a piece of ribbon. Glue a couple of flat-like shells onto the actual lampshade to complete the look.

Purchase earring hardware to add shells to any number of household items. Clip-on earring hardware is perfect for such crafts. Glue a shell, or shells, to the hardware and allow to dry. Now simply clip the shell arrangement onto fireplace screens, door knockers, curtain tie-backs, picture frames, and other decor items.

Pierced earring stud hardware works well to make some other seashell crafts. Glue a beautiful shell onto the stud hardware and place the “earrings” onto items around the house, such as wire or wicker baskets, screens, foam picture frames, or even set them into clay.

Many base items can be easily covered in seashells, using contact cement, such as soap dishes, birdhouses, small jewelry boxes, picture frames, plant pots, toothbrush holders, or even tin cans. Take the time to arrange the shells where you can see little, if any, of the base underneath the shells, and it’ll appear as though the entire object is made from shells.

Set up a quick tabletop beach by adding sand to a wooden or cardboard box. Place shells here and there, then add mini’s like trees, hammock, beach umbrella, people, surfboards or other novelties from a craft store. It’s best to cover the arrangement with glass to keep out kids and animals. The tabletop scene must remain flat at all times.

Glue seashells onto drawer knobs or handles, around mirror frames, onto the ends of curtain rods, ashtrays, cardboard boxes, along the edge of a shower curtain valance, onto shower curtain rings, napkin rings, or just place a magnetic button on the back to stick them on the fridge. There are hundreds of other ways to decorate your home with seashells, and you’ll think of many more while you’re doing some of these. Now go get those shells and get busy!

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