How to Make an Outfit in a Hurry

Need an outfit in a hurry? If you have fabric and a sewing machine or fabric glue you’ve got just about everything you need to get started. Some clothing pieces are extremely to make such as a skirt. Measure around your hips and add two inches. Mark this measurement on the cloth. Measure from waist to desired length then add three inches to allow for a hem. Cut these measurements out of fabric. You should have two pieces that are the same size. Make a seam down one side then hem. Now install elastic in the waistband and you’re done. Make the skirt more impressive by adding lace or other decorative touches to it. Use the above instructions to make a mini, a knee-length or a full-length skirt. Leave a slit up the side or put one in the front or the back for different looks.

Make some quick tops by starting with a basic pattern. Measure from a couple inches below the arm pit to the waist area. Then measure around the bust and add a couple of inches. Draw these measurements out on the fabric then cut the two pieces, or cut on the fold and have one piece. Seam the side unless it was cut on the fold. Hem the shirt at top and bottom. Sew the other side seam. Now install elastic across the top for a cute strapless number or eliminate the elastic and add straps. Sew lace across the bottom hem or just leave as is. You can also sew elastic in the top and a few inches from the bottom for an even different look.

Use the above top to make a cute dress. After cutting the top pieces measure from the waist to the desired length and add three inches for hemming. Proceed with side-seaming the top and do the same with the waist piece. After one side seam is done on each align the top with the skirt. Make sure the center back of the skirt matches up with the center back of the shirt. The center fronts should also match, along with the side seam. After sewing the skirt onto the shirt at the waist, hem the bottom. Then side seam from the top of the shirt to the hem of the skirt. Add straps to the top or put in elastic. For a completely different look to the top add a piece of elastic from the top edge down a few inches. Stretch the elastic as you sew to make the shirt pucker between the breasts – giving the shirt more of a fitted look.

Turn a tee shirt wrong side-out and fold it in half with the back folded together. Cut around this shape allowing an inch more than the actual shirt. Now fold the shirt with the front together and trace around it, allowing an inch more than the actual shirt. Each piece should be cut on the fold. Perfect fabrics for this garment is stretch knit, jersey, or another fabric with elasticity. Sew one set of shoulder seams together then hem the neckline. Sew the other shoulder seam. Now hem each of the arm openings. Sew down one side seam then hem around bottom. Sew the other side seam and the top is done.

To make a dress from the above pattern don’t cut the shirt at the waistline but continue down to a longer length such as a mini dress, tea length or floor length. Follow the steps above for the shoulders, neckline, arm openings, and side seams. This time the side seam will go all the way down to whatever length you have cut. After sewing one side seam hem the dress around the bottom then sew the other side seam.

Use a pair of panties as a pattern to make a bikini bathing suit. Cut the panty design out of swim suit material and cut an additional crotch piece for the inside of the bathing suit bottoms. Sew the front to the first crotch piece then sew the back to the opposite side of the crotch piece. Insert the inside crotch piece by aligning it and sewing it in, at the sides. Use quarter-inch bathing suit elastic on the inside edges from front to back, stretching slightly as you sew along. When finished, side seam one side. Now sew the elastic into the waist, stretching slightly as you go along. Sew the second side seam closed. For the top measure around the chest, at the breast area, then measure from a few inches under the armpit down to desired length. Sew one set of side seams together them hem at top and bottom. Sew second side seam. Wear as is or insert elastic piece between breasts for a more fitted look. Add straps if desired.

There are many easy outfits you can make especially if you tear apart an old outfit and use it for a pattern, or simply fold it in convenient ways and trace around each piece. Look for easy designs that will not require much effort, then make the outfit look more elegant by adding sequin, lace, pockets, ruffles, appliques and other enhancements.

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