How to Make a Wristband or Headband Wallet

There are certain situations where a woman just doesn’t want to carry a bulky purse around. Even if she chooses a small clutch there’s the worry of keeping up with it in places where that might be difficult to do. Spending the day at the beach, taking kids to the park, or just walking the dog are occasions where you might want to leave the pocketbook at home. Make a wrist wallet, though, so you can still carry some money, keys, or credit cards.

It’s so easy to make a wrist wallet if you have a sewing machine. It takes very little cloth, too. The best fabric choice is terry cloth. That way, the wrist wallet will look like an ordinary wristband, worn by joggers and athletes.

Measure your wrist and add two inches to that measurement. Cut the measurement out of the terry cloth – it will be the length measurement. Cut the width five inches wide. Lay the terry cloth piece out on a table then fold in half, lengthways. Stitch around two of the three sides (one side is on the fold and doesn’t need stitching), leaving one side open for turning the band right-side outward.

After sewing and turning the wristband, lay it flat on a table. Use scissors to cut a slit in the wristband. The slit should be centered on the inner part of the wristband – that is, the part that will actually touch your wrist while wearing. Cut the slit all the way across the center, leaving a couple of inches at each end, to allow for side-seaming the wristband.

Position the zipper into the slit on the underside of the wristband. Stitch across the bottom first, so that the stitches will hold the zipper where you want it. Stitch up one side of the zipper, then across the top. This will prevent the top part of the zipper from coming out. Now unzip the zipper to allow access to the opposite side, and stitch it as well. It’s important to pick a nylon zipper that feels comfortable up against the wrist. Metal zippers are not suitable for this craft.

After installation of the zipper, join the ends of the wristband and seam together. Trim very close to the seam. Your wristband wallet is now set to wear. Simply slide it on or off when desired. Unzip the zipper and put in money, credit cards, and other small, flat objects. Be sure and position the credit cards, and other hard objects on the underside of the wristband. If you place them wrong, people can see the outline of your credit card on the back of your wrist.

Make a similar creation to wear on your head, as a headband. Simply cut it larger, then place it around the head, positioning it on the forehead. In this case, the zipper can be on one side or the other, and doesn’t have to go right across the forehead. If you place the zipper at the forehead region, you’ll have to make a flap that hides the zipper. Otherwise, when you remove the sweat band, you’ll likely see zipper marks on your forehead.

The wrist or headbands are an easy way to carry cash and valuables, without others noticing. And, they make some activities easier since there’s no longer a purse or wallet to keep track of. The wrist and headbands are perfect for women, men, and children alike.

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