How to Make Your Own Halloween Maze

Making your own Halloween maze can be a lot of fun for the whole family. In keeping with the scary Halloween theme, you can make a Halloween maze which is not only challenging but creepy as well. You will get hours of fun from a homemade Halloween maze and putting it together can be an exciting activity for you and the kids. Remember not to make your Halloween maze very complicated as the kids going through it will get frustrated and not enjoy it. So if you are hosting a party or just want something fun to do, then making your own Halloween maze is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines.


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    Allocate space:

    You will need some decent space to make your own Halloween maze. If you have a basement or a couple of rooms empty then this will be the ideal place for your own Halloween maze.

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    Know your budget:

    Remember to make a decent budget and stick to it when you are buying decorations and other things needed for your own Halloween maze. Try not to overspend and use supplies and other materials from around the house to save money.

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    Gather materials:

    You will need materials like cardboard boxes and bed sheets to build walls and corridors for your own Halloween maze. Search your garage for other items like hooks and strings that you will need to hang the sheets on. Put all of the items together to make it easy to find them.

  • 4

    Design maze:

    Begin by designing your Halloween maze. Use cardboard boxes and bed sheets to make dividers and walls. Make sure there are enough twists and turns in your Halloween maze so that kids can enjoy making their way through it. Remember to not make your maze too complicated or confusing.

  • 5

    Decorate maze:

    Once you have designed the Halloween maze you can start decorating it with scary Halloween items like fake spider webs and skeletons. Try using black lights as well to add to the Halloween feel. Make ghosts and other creepy things that will add to your Halloween maze.

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    Test it out:

    Once you have finished decorating your own Halloween maze it is now time for you to test it out. Turn off the lights and try it out. Have your kids also try it and get their suggestions for anything that might need some improvement. Remember the goal is to make it fun and not overly complicated.

  • 7

    Candy prize:

    At the end of your Halloween maze be sure to put a big pile of candy for the kids as a prize for making it through the scary maze.

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