How to Make Cork Name Card Holders

If you are looking for creative innovations that you can use to brighten an occasion, consider using cork name card holders. Making cork name card holders yourself is one of the easiest things to do. All you need is a few old cork wines and a few pieces of cardboard. The rest you will definitely have at home.

Things Required:

– Sharp utility knife
– Old corks wines
– Flat solid surface
– Name cards
– Temporary marker
– Pieces of cardboard


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    Since the corks you are using are old, most of the cork will have their imperfections. Take a brief look at each wine cork. See which side will be better to display the guest’s name. Mark each wine cork using a temporary marker to remember which side you chose.

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    Now you need to find a flat and surface where you can work. The surface must be hard and flat because making cork name card holders involves a lot of cutting. If the countertops in your kitchen are made of marble, that may be the best place to do the cutting work.

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    You need to provide a firm base so that name card holders will not just topple over each other. Using a utility knife, chop off a small portion from the side opposite to the one you marked earlier. This will serve as the base. Remember to keep it as flat as possible to make the name card holders stable.

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    Depending on the size of the name cards, cut a slit across the top of the wine cork. Use a sharp utility knife for the task. Keep the slit as straight and as even as possible. Keep in mind the size of the name card the wine cork is going to hold in order to decide the depth of the slit you are making.

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    Count the number of name card holders you are planning to make. Prepare all the wine corks by repeating the steps mentioned above. Then cut an equal number of cardboard pieces and write the names of the guests on them. If your handwriting is not good, ask a friend to do it for you.

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    Place each card in one of the cork wines. If necessary, pour a tiny drop of glue in the slit which is going to hold the name cards. This will make the name cards stick to the wine corks, making the name card holders more stable. You can now proudly display these name card holders on the dinner table.

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