How to Sell Paintings

Many people are extremely talented and yet they fail to make the most of it. Painting is one such area where one sees this unfortunate reality prevailing at its worst. Amateurs produce wonderful paintings, but those are scrapped eventually, because they never find the confidence in them to believe that their works are marketable.

On the other hand, there are others, smart enough to make even a mediocre painting work sell like a hot cake in the market and earn substantial amount of money as a result.

The knowledge of certain techniques as to how target audience can be accessed and made impressed by the one’s work can ensure hefty dividends. Before one transforms an incredible sketch imagined in the mind into something tangible through exceptional artistic skills, ways mentioned below about selling the paintings can help in ensuring that one gets due monetary rewards for the strenuous effort put in.


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    Pay regular visits to nearby art galleries

    Regular shows ups at the exhibitions related to paintings can give a hawk eye view about the kinds of works in demand. It becomes far easier than to mould one’s painting according to the market limitations.

    Besides, one gets to meet with people that know the ins and outs of the market dynamics. Contacts established through this way prove extremely helpful, while taking feedbacks and gaining information about potential customers.

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    Use social Media to spread the word

    Creating a positive word of mouth is the best way to promote the work of art. These days, sophisticated mobile phones exist. They can be used to take pictures of the paintings from various angles and then to spread them across the board in facebook or twitter accounts.

    Friends watching the work can get extremely excited about them, before they let their family members know and ask them to make a plan for buying, from the place where that painting has been put for sale.

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    Explore online auctioning websites

    If one is confident enough that the painting fulfils criteria of getting qualified as marketable, leaving it up for bidding on the websites such as eBay is a great idea. The place, where buyers and sellers from all over the world get together for almost daily basis, is an excellent platform to build up a worldwide reputation.

    Goodwill earned through this way can help in accessing the wider market, as opposed to serving only a limited number of customers. However, before using such a huge platform, one must take feedback from the big wigs of the market and make sure nothing is there on the painting, which can ruin the very goodwill, which unfortunately has not been built yet.

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