How to Make a Napkin Flower

There are many ways in which decorations can be made. These do not need to be expensive or lavish in any way and some of the simplest of products can be used for this purpose.

Everyday products such as napkins can be used in order to add to the décor of a home. Making a rose with the help of napkins is quite easy. It can look great on the dining table or with other decorations. It is simple, inexpensive and elegant.

Things Required:

– A large cloth napkin


  • 1

    Get a Napkin

    Napkins come in various materials as well as in different sizes. It is best to get one that is made of a slightly thick fabric and is large in size. A napkin made from other materials or one that is not large will make it very hard for you to make a napkin flower.

  • 2

    Form a Triangle

    Fold your napkin in a way that it makes an even triangle. It will be pretty big in size which is needed for making this flower. Make sure that you do a fine folding job which is important for a clean finish.

  • 3

    Roll Half Way

    The next step is to the roll the base of the triangle up to the point that half of the napkin is rolled. Be sure to do a clean job on the napkin so that the stages to follow can be completed without any trouble.

  • 4

    Turn It Over

    This is a touch tricky and should be done in a careful manner. Turn the napkin over carefully still keeping the rolled base towards yourself. Now its appearance should be similar to a triangle with tales on both right and left side.

  • 5

    Roll it

    Roll one tail carefully as you bring it towards the other tail. This is one of the trickiest procedures in the entire process. A false move can mean that all the previous work will need to be repeated. It should at this point in time that your napkin looks like a candle’s flicker.

  • 6

    Take Flaps Out

    There will be two flaps of the napkin right now. Pull them both out, one to the left and other to the right. This will need to be done carefully to keep things under control.

  • 7

    Turn It Over

    Once again turn over the napkin carefully and you will be amased as a beautiful looking rose will be ready.

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