How to Bind a Book with Thread

Some books can be of great importance in certain ways. Some books are spiritually important whereas other books may be important from a religious perspective. Due to constant wear and tear, the binding of a book may get damaged. In the worst case scenario, the binding may come loose. In such cases, it becomes imperative to rebind the book. There are number of ways in which you can accomplish this. A possible way is to make used of linen thread for this task.

Things Required:

– Drill
– Drill bit
– Linen thread
– Needle


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    Before you actually start binding the book, ensure that its pages are arranged in the proper order. For a book with lesser number of pages, you may want to sift through the pages, one at a time. However, for books with a very large number of pages, it would be best to rely on instinct.

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    Rotate the book in such a way that its binding comes in contact with a hard work surface. Align the pages by letting them fall back until all of them make contact with the spine. To may have to press the pages towards the spine to accomplish this.

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    You now have to drill holes so that you can feed string through the pages. However, getting the position of the holes right is very important. Determine the binding space which you have at your disposal by measuring the distance between the book’s gutter and printed words. Keep this distance in mind and drill holes through the pages. For a book with less number of pages, three holes would suffice. However, for a book that has a large number of pages, drill at least 4 holes.

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    Another possible way to make the holes is to use the holes on the original binding as a reference. However, this can only work for books that have their original binding intact.

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    Make sure that you drill the holes carefully and precisely. The book must remain stationary and the drill bit should at an angle of 90 degrees with the pages. Moreover, using a small gauge bit would be better. Stop drilling when you feel the bit hitting the flat surface on which the book is placed.

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    To bind the book, use a piece of linen thread, at least three times the length of the book and a large needle just a little bit smaller than the bit which you used to drill the holes. Feed the linen thread through adjacent holes and secure it with a knot. Feed the thread through the next hole and secure it with a knot as before. Continue this procedure until you are done binding the book.

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