Three Cool Knitting Blogs

Do you knit? Knitting has become such a popular pastime these days. It is fairly easy to learn, whether from a class or even from a book, such as the popular Stitch N Bitch book (and its sequel Stitch N Bitch Nation). Knitting is a great hobby to have and a wonderful, creative way to make family and friends gifts!

As popular as knitting is, so is blogging about knitting. There lots of great knitting blogs out there and it would be hard to do an article to mention all of them. Many knitters have their own blogs to just share their projects with people and to talk about their knitting and it is so interesting to see their creativity, because everyone can come up with something different and unique. Some of the knitting blogs are like communities of knitters, where you can blog with large groups of knitters to talk about knitting. One of the best things about knitting blogs is seeing what other knitters are working on; it is like being part of a fun, sociable circle of like-minded knitters.

Here are three great knitting blogs!

Knit the Classics ( is a wonderful blog for knitters who also love to read. The group selects books to read and then they each create knitted projects inspired by the book they are reading. It is great fun to see just how different all of the projects can be. This is a great group if you love to read and if you love to knit – because they talk about both! The selection of books varies from readings “the classics” to popular fiction so there is sure to be a number of book selections that you enjoy. This is a fun and very creative group.

25 Things for Charity ( is a very inspired group whose members knit twenty five things for charity each year. This blog gives information about many charities looking for knitters – so you are certain to find a cause that you would like to donate your projects to. The group is loosely knit (excuse the pun) and you do not have to knit exactly twenty five things for charity – some knit more and some knit less, it is just an idea to have in mind. The group shares the projects that they have knitted and also who they are knitting them for.

Knitting Blogs Web Ring ( is a knitting blog web ring. You can connect with many individual knitters’ blogs at this site. To be a member of this ring blogs must have a blog that talks about knitting. They must post regularly, at least once a week and have regular postings. You can read knitters who blog about knitting projects, going to knitting classes and workshops and reading great knitting books!

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