9 Do’s and Don’ts Of Decoration

Decorating things is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing one’s self, as it helps in the expansion of one’s creativity. Unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with the gift of being able to conjure artistic designs with seemingly effortless ease, and for a lot of people, the task of decorating even the simplest things, is quite challenging.

If this is you, the good news is that even though you might never be the Michelangelo of design and decoration, you can dramatically improve your skills merely by following a few simple tips. We’ve compiled these tips just for you and you can read on to see 9 basic design and decoration principles:


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    Don't: Use white for everything 

    Most people tend to use white as the general background for everything, i.e in every area of the room. While white is a beautiful and classy color to use in one’s home, there is a disadvantage to using it when one has kids or pets, as it could easily get messed up.

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    Do:  Be dramatic with colors

    The art of decoration requires a lot of experimenting with as many colors as possible, to discover what works for you and what reflects your personality. It is important to use dramatics colors that will give the room a grand glow. Dark hued colors will only cause the environment to appear darker and dull.

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    Reflect yourself

    It is important to live in a house that seems “you”. Everything you own should be identify with your personality, as you do not want to feel as tho you are living in a stranger’s house or in a stranger’s body. Let each piece you put in the house reflect on your personality.

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    Don't: Avoid matching Decor 

    Another faux pas when it comes to decoration is trying to match everything. It is important to spice up your environment by mixing colors to give it a very “inviting” look. Although for some, using matching colors is more to their taste, it might end up looking boring with no inspiration.

    To help, add a bit of red, mix with a vibrant blue, check in with gold at the corner close to the window perhaps, so when the sun radiates, the room will have a glorious look. For more fun, add glitter to the gold in the paint to make it look exciting.

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    Don't be afraid to splurge 

    Although you could choose to get creative and make your own decorations, spending a bit of cash to acquire great pieces in the room, could do wonders to an ordinary-looking room.

    A  dark, splatter painting on a white or golden wall can make the room appear so much grander, way above average, and beautiful. There should be an interesting piece that is magnetic and that draws the eye.

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    Architectural Designs

    It is also important to be aware of hall ways and windows, and door spaces. Corners and ceilings also matter. In matters of decoration, take notes of spaces: windows, ceilings, and etc are important because in placing a curtain or an artifact close to these areas, they should make the place look bigger and noticeable, not smaller.

    Most people tend to ignore these spaces and choke in decorations making the place appear smaller. To make a space look big and inviting, it’s important to use less décor and observe architectural positions. The wider it is, the more you can experiment. The less space and corners you have, the less decor to use to make your place have a spacious look.

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    Combine beautifully

    Most people tend to carry their decoration ideas overboard and do a bit too much by starting off doing a modern kind of decoration in their homes, only to end up adding hippy, rustic kind of décor.

    In this situation, sticking to the rule by using one type of decor will help create a balance, instead of giving it a confused kind of look. i.e, use modern with modern, and vintage with vintage.

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    Do: Test paint

    It is important to test paint before buying anything for the house. The way paint might look in the store, might be different from when you use it at home. To test the paint you'd like to buy, try it on a piece of paper and observe the paint in the sunlight for it's real color tone.

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    Lamps are beautiful and can have their own effect in the home. Lamps, candles, mason jar fairy lights, etc can help add their sparkle to the home, instead of using general light reflections.

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    Decorating takes patience and peace of mind to help channel your creativity. It is important to be open minded, relaxed and at your best in your moods, and this can be achieved by eating healthily, exercising and being adventurous. Most importantly, get out there and start decorating right away!

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