How to Make a Rocking Horse Saddle

Assembling a beautiful little rocking horse with a saddle will certainly enhance its appealing looks. Children love to see a rocking horse with saddle on it but the process of making a rocking horse saddle is slightly difficult and requires plenty of attention. You need to complete the process carefully as you can facedifficulty if you do not give the required attention. At the same time, many believe that it is just a toy which children adore but at the same time making this toy beautiful is fun.

Things Required:

– Measuring tape
– Leather
– Rocking horse


  • 1

    Required information

    Before you start making a rocking horse saddle, you need to understand that some vital information is important. You need to know that measurement is very important for your entire process. Firstly you need to measure the width and length of the rocking horse. Once you finish measuring your child’s rocking horse, you should also measure your child’s legs. It will give you some ease when you will be making the saddle for the rocking horse. After finishing the measuring task, you should try to note down all the necessary information regarding the things you will require making a rocking horse saddle. Remember to take your time and make a note of all the important measurements to ensure that you have the proper dimensions on paper before putting the saddle together for the rocking horse.

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    Choosing right material

    It is also important to know that you are choosing right material of saddle for your rocking horse. The saddle’s material should be sturdy and tough as it can face little wear and tear. You should also need to understand that you should also put some stress on the fabric to see its flexibility and strength. Choose supple leather as it is very good for making rocking horse saddle. You need to understand that making rocking horse saddle is a difficult thing but still with the better attention and correct technique, you can make a good rocking horse saddle.

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    Creating a saddle stirrup

    After making sure that you have the right material and equipment, now you should carefully create a saddle stirrup with the help of the leather.

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    Repeat the process

    After creating the saddle stirrup, repeat the process on the other saddle stirrup.

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