How to Make a Tear Bear

Tear bears make for fun home projects, especially if you want to spend an afternoon with your kids. Basically, a tear bear is made using paper cutouts, which are put together to appear like cute bears. The process is not so hard and the only limitation is your imagination.

Things Required:

– Mulberry Paper
– Bear pattern
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Q-tips
– Water
– Glue
– Black paper
– Black pen
– White gel pen


  • 1

    First, choose the colour of paper you want to use. Make the paper match the layout you are working on or just go with the traditional bear colours like brown, light brown and white.

  • 2

    Next you will want to lay your paper face down. When it comes to mulberry paper this means make the bumpy side face down. You will do your tracing on the back of the paper so there are no pencil or pen marks on the front of the tear bear.

  • 3

    Once you have your mulberry paper laid on a plain surface, you can use the tear bear pattern and trace it on the back of the paper. Here, you should trace each and every part of the tear bear, except eyes and nose.

  • 4

    Now comes the fun part! Take your q-tip and lightly dip it into water. Now carefully trace 1 part of your tear bear with the wet q-tip.

  • 5

    Get ready for the messy part now. Gently tear out the wet outline of your tear bear body parts. When tearing each part, get your fingers as close to the wet outline as possible. This makes the tear come out a lot straighter.

  • 6

    Once you find the bear parts completely dried off, you can glue each part together. You can make a standing bear, sitting bear, or sleeping bear. Use your imagination!

  • 7

    Now that your bear is in position trace the nose and eyes onto the black paper. You will cut these out with your scissors.

  • 8

    Glue the eyes and nose onto your tear bears face. Use your white gel pen to dot the eyes and draw the line across the nose!

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