How to Attach Fishing Line to a Rod

Fishing is one among the very interesting, exciting, and fun leisure activities. The secret of your successfully fishing trip lies in a good quality rod, finely equipped with a fishing line. Wide range of fishing rod is available in the market, ranging from few dollars to hundred dollars. However, a rod without a fishing line attached to it is like “a car without wheels” – it may look fine, but it could not be useful.

Rightly attached fishing-line to a rod maximizes your chances of landing the desired fishes. It is simple activity that you can carry out smoothly. It doesn’t require any complicated step.

Things Required:

– Rod
– Reel
– Fishing line
– Scissors


  • 1

    If the fishing rod is not equipped with a reel, attach them properly. Hook up (tie) the tag tip of the fishing line right around the coil of the spinning reel, using an arbor knot.

  • 2

    Now rotate the arm of the reel in order to shift the fishing line to the reel. Revolve the reel’s arm in such a manner that its line should slickly run off the pre-packaged line spool and onto the reel's spool.

  • 3

    In order to pass up the line curl, make sure to revolve the reel spool in the same direction that the line spool coming off of the pre-packaged line spool. Once a sufficient amount has been shifted to the reel spool, use a pair of scissors to cut off the line spool.

  • 4

    It is the time to fasten the reel to the fishing rod. What you have to do is, set the reel’s foot on the fishing rod’s reel seat and then twirl the locking ring right on the reel seat. Continue twisting until the reel seat’s hood covers up every single inch of the tip of the reel’s foot.

  • 5

    Now gently turn over the spinning reel’s bail to the open position in order to let the line spoon come freely off the reel.

  • 6

    Drag the tip of the fishing line off the reel and right through all the guides on the fishing rod.

  • 7

    Turn over the reel’s bail to the closed position to keep the line from coming off the reel's spool.

  • 8

    Wow! You have successfully attached the fishing line to the rod; tie on the bait, lure or fly to it – according to your choice. Have fun fishing!

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