How to Make a Bunny Washcloth

You can make an adorable washcloth that kids will enjoy helping you make and love to take a bath with. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

1. Gather needed items:

a.White washcloth
b.Small sized net sponge (If there is a dollar store in your area, that is a great place to find net sponges)
c.2 googly eyes
d.2 pink puffballs, and 1 white puffball
e.Glue gun
f.12 inches of ribbon in desired color

2.Remove the tag on the washcloth with scissors.

3.Place the washcloth on a table so that it looks like a diamond.

4.Roll the corner closest to you to the middle.

5.Roll the opposite corner into the middle.

6.Pick up the washcloth and fold it in half so that you have two ears.

7.Pull out some of the cloth at the fold. Pull and shape until it looks like a rabbit’s head.

8.While pinching the area you want the head to end, take the net sponge, find the string that is usually used to hang the net sponge on a shower head and wrap it around the area you have pinched.

9.If the previous step is done correctly you should have your net sponge attached to the bunny head so that it will be the body. Often the sponges have been flattened a little at the store, so pull on it a little to make it more round.

10.Tie the ribbon over the net sponge string and push it to the side a little so that it is under one of the ears.

11.Glue on the two googly eyes.

12.Glue on the two pink puffballs side by side, then glue on the white puffball in the middle right above the two pink ones for the nose.

Let your child enjoy the new bath toy! I have made bunny families with a mom (the mom was done with a dark pink washcloth), a dad (the dad was done in dark blue) and a few kids (light pink and light blue), and put them in a cute basket. They make great gifts at baby showers or young children’s birthdays. Get creative and see what kind of gifts you can create with this simple project.

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