Memory Tie: A Meaningful Father’s Day Gift You Can Make Yourself

Suggested Ages: 9 and up

A new kind of tie to give Dad for Father’s Day.

We all know ties go with fathers and Father’s Day. This Father’s Day give Dad a tie he can hang – not over his shirt – but on the wall! You can use copies of the best pictures from the past year to create a collage in the shape of a tie, and then place it in a frame for Dad to treasure forever. This collage is easy and fun to make, and your memory tie will always be in style.

What You’ll Need:
Markers or Pen
A Frame
Construction or Matting Paper
Copies of your favorite pictures of the family and events from the past year

Note: You can make copies of your pictures by scanning them into your computer and then printing them with color ink, or you can take the negatives to a one hour photo. Depending on the size of the tie you are making, you will need 5 – 12 pictures.

Instructions: Make Your Memory Tie:

Cut the piece of construction or matting paper to fit the frame you will use. To do this, hold the glass from the frame over the paper and trace. Afterwards, cut along the line you’ve drawn.

The Tie:
Next find the center of the paper and use your marker or pen to draw a tie shape on the paper. You may want to practice a few times on a scrape piece of paper. (See instructions on creating a tie shape below.) While you draw, leave a small edge along all sides of the paper where the frame will cover. To get an idea of the area the frame will cover, hold the empty frame over your piece of construction or matting paper.

Creating a Tie Shape:
An easy way to create a tie shape is to draw a diamond at the top of the paper using a ruler. Then with the ruler draw two straight lines down from the bottom half of the diamond on either side. Angle the lines toward just inside the bottom corners of the paper. Stop well before you reach the bottom, and bring the lines into a point near the center, bottom of the paper.

Placing the Pictures:
Finally, take the copies of the past year’s pictures. Cut out your favorites of family members along with places and things that clearly show some of the past years best memories and events. Arrange these pictures on the tie shape you’ve drawn. Line them up with each other and the edge of your tie. When you’re fairly sure where they will go, fold the edges of each picture where it will need to be trimmed. You want each picture to fit snugly next to each other inside the tie shape. Do not start folding the pictures until you are fairly sure where each will go. Glue the pictures along the edge so that they overlap the lines you drew if you prefer these lines not to be seen. Fill the entire space inside the tie shape with your pictures.

Let your collage dry, and then place it inside the frame for a memorable Father’s Day gift.

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