How to Clean Marble around Fireplace

Marble finishing can provide a very elegant and luxurious look around your fireplace. Marble is a beautiful, naturally occurring stone, which is mostly used as a building material as well as to make sculptures. In buildings it is mostly used for decorative purposes. The only downside to this beautiful natural stone surface is that it is vulnerable to stains and damage. It is also vulnerable to a number of chemicals present in cleaning products. Some household cleaners (all those containing acid content like vinegar) can also damage your marble surface. So you need to be very careful when choosing a cleaning product and method to remove stains from your marble surface.

Things Required

– Soft cloth or sponge
– Warm water
– Chamois
– Neutral, nonabrasive cleaner (hydrogen peroxide, acetone or clear ammonia)
– Natural stone or marble cleaner (optional)
– Marble polish


  • 1

    Sweep the area to remove loose trash and dirt

    The first step in cleaning a marble surface is to prepare it for cleaning. Clean the marble area around your fireplace of loose trash and dirt by sweeping it with a broom. Sweep the trash into a dustpan and dispose it off properly.

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    Start with water

    For regular cleaning, avoid using strong cleansers on your marble surface, rather use lukewarm or slightly hot water and a rag to clean it. Make sure you wipe off the surface properly once you are done to avoid water stains or mineral deposits on marble.

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    A mild dish detergent also works

    Take some dishwashing soap or detergent and mix it with water (slightly hot but not boiling). Apply this soapy solution to the marble surface around your fireplace with a rag. This will effectively remove dirt or dust stains on the marble.

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    Commercial cleaners

    If the stains around your fireplace are tough and stubborn, use a commercial cleaner that is designed especially for marble. Marble is an extremely porous element that is vulnerable to a number of ingredients present in chemical cleaners (especially the acidic compounds). Read the list of ingredients on the cleaner to make sure it does not contain anything that can damage your marble.

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to clean the marble around your fireplace. Wash the area thoroughly with normal water once you are done. Blot the entire area with paper towels or a clean dishwashing cloth.

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