How to Make a Money Gift Tree

It is true that money does not grow on trees as your parents must have told you. However, it is possible to make a gift tree to bring a smile on anyone’s face. You can put as much money on the tree as you can afford depending on the occasion for which you are making it.

Things Required:

– Spray Paint
– Paper Clips or Mini Clothes Pins
– Hot Glue Gun
– Ornaments, Charms or Small Trinkets
– Money
– Plaster Mixture
– Metal or Ceramic Pot
– Branch 18 to 36 Inches Long
– Fake Moss, Grass or Leaves


  • 1

    Decide the size of the money gift tree and find a branch with multiple smaller limbs accordingly. The length of this primary branch can be anywhere between 18 and 36 inches.

  • 2

    Purchase a pot for the tree. The pot can be made of ceramic or metal. Pots used for planting trees normally have a drainage hole at the bottom. If that is the case with the pot you bought, be sure to use tape to cover the hole.

  • 3

    Prepare a thick mixture of plaster and use it to fill the plant with the branch you chose sticking straight out. Leave the pot as is overnight so that the plaster mixture can cure properly.

  • 4

    Use fake moss, grass or leaves to hide the plaster mixture. To make sure that the moss stays in place, stick it to the hardened plaster mixture with a hot glue gun. Be as thorough in concealing the plaster as possible.

  • 5

    Start attaching dollar bills onto the smaller limbs of the main branch. Use paper clips or mini clothes pins for this purpose. You can either leave the bills hanging or fold them into decorative shapes.

  • 6

    Embellish the tree with ornaments, charms or small trinkets. Just make sure that the items you use complement the overall decor of the tree. Write a personalised note on a decorative card and attach it to the tree. You can write anything you choose, for instance advice, poems, songs or IOU's.

  • 7

    Give the money gift tree a final look to make sure everything is in order. Make any changes that may be necessary to complete the task.

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