How to Arrange a Free-Standing Floral Arrangement

Whether it is a wedding ceremony, a special occasion or if you are simply planning to brighten up your home, a proper free-standing floral arrangement is one of the most important things. Fortunately, you do not need to be a florist to make a free-standing floral arrangement. However, having some basic knowledge about flowers and the way they should be arranged is important. Here is what you will need to arrange a free-standing flower arrangement for an upcoming occasion.

Things Required:

– Foam
– Scissors
– Small Container
– Glue or floral clay
– Flowers of different types


  • 1

    With a pair of scissors, resize a piece of foam until it will fit a small container with at least 1 inch of foam extending over the top of the container. The container will work as the base of the flower arrangement whereas the foam will hold the flowers in place. You will need to make sure that the foam stays in the container. Simply secure the foam to the container’s base with glue or floral clay.

  • 2

    Invest in line, focal and filler flowers. These are three types of flowers used in making a free-standing flower arrangement. You can purchase flowers in as many colours as you wish. However, flowers of three different colours would be ideal. Just make sure that the colours you choose complement each other and one of the colours is dominant over the others.

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    You will need to understand the role of each of the three flower types in the arrangement. Line flowers have blossoms near the stem and are fairly tall and are used to define the shape of the flower arrangement. Focal flowers, as the name would suggest, build up visual interest and are distributed throughout the arrangement. Any leftover spaces are filled with filler flowers.

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    Delphiniums, stock, gladiola and snapdragons are commonly used line flowers. Define the shape of the arrangement by placing one of these flowers types in the foam.

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    Hydrangeas, magnolias and roses can be used as focal flowers. Secure focal flowers in the middle of the arrangement in such a way that they are facing in all directions and are drooping over the edge just a little bit. Constantly rotating the vase as you arrange the focal flowers will help towards creating an even design.

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    Baby's breath, dianthus, pom-poms and poppies can be used as filler flowers. Use one or more of these flower types to complete the flower arrangement.

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