How to Create Your Own Movie Posters

Creating your own movie posters is often the goal of many individuals but it requires a better understanding of the movie along with a little skill set. In general, a movie poster is used to reflect the purpose of movie and displays all the main cast of the film. It is also used to help reader know about the calibre of movie with just a glance as it depicts the role of every person involved in the movie. Thus, in order to make a movie poster, you must watch it carefully.


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    Watch the movie several times

    In order to have a better understanding of the movie, it is necessary that you watch it several times. After you have watched the movie a couple of times, you will be able to have complete understanding of what the movie is all about. Remember that, it will be difficult for you to recall a moment of the movie after watching it for the first time but if you keep on watching it, you will be able to remember almost every moment. This will help you in identifying which images you should choose for your poster.

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    Pick the photos

    After you have watched it repeatedly, you will be able to decide which images you should include in your movie poster. Remember that a movie poster should include the main cast of the film and you must carefully choose the images for your poster. You can choose only one picture or a couple of pictures according to your preference.

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    Arrange pictures

    Now you must arrange the pictures according to their order. Note that for a movie poster, it is recommended that you keep the cast close and arrange them in such a manner that reflects their role in the movie. You should also choose a reasonable colour for your poster and keep in mind that it should not overwhelm the colours of your chosen pictures.

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    Use Photoshop text tool

    You should use Photoshop text tool to mention the tagline and title of the movie. You should carefully choose the font and colour of the text and make sure that it would be easily readable from a particular distance.

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    Mention the names of cast and crew

    Now you must choose a smaller font and mention the names of all cast and crew members on the poster.

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