Halloween Tablecloth Craft Project

This is a great craft project if you are hosting a Halloween party for the neighborhood kids at your house. The kids can help you make this and you can keep it for years. All of the materials can be bought at your local fabric store and arts and crafts store. I think you should be able to complete this craft project for about $20.

To make the Halloween Tablecloth Craft Project You Will Need:

Canvas or Cotton Duct (buy enough yards to fit your table)
Halloween fabric or Orange fabric (a few yards to make a border)
Fabric paint
Stamps or Cookie Cutters (optional)
Paint Brushes in a variety of sizes

To start this project wash and dry your canvas or cotton duct fabric. This will set you fabric and prepare it to be painted.

Lay you canvas or cotton duct fabric out on a clean work surface. The floor will work fine if it is not dirty, otherwise use the kitchen table. If it is warm enough outside that would be an ideal place to keep the kids from getting paint all over the house.

Let the kids start painting Halloween inspired designs and patterns on the tablecloth fabric. You can use Halloween cookie cutters and trace them to have easy to paint shapes. This is the perfect way for little kids to join in on this project. It also helps create a uniform pattern or deigns to your tablecloth. Halloween Stamps dipped in fabric paint also work well if you want to create a uniform pattern.

Once the kids have traced on or drawn their designs let them started painting the tablecloth with fabric paint. I like to limit the colors to three to four colors. This way your tablecloth will not appear too busy. Look of colors like orange, green, and black, which are perfect for Halloween. If you choose to buy you cotton duct in black you could use white, green, and orange fabric paint. Puff paint is also a great way to outline designs and add dimension to the tablecloth.

Let your fabric painted Halloween designs dry for at least twenty-four hours before you move on to the next step of this craft project. This is important because you will need to handle the fabric repeatedly when finishing the tablecloth.

Measure the exact size you want your tablecloth to be. You are going to cut out your accent Halloween fabric and sew on a border to your tablecloth. I like to make this edge about 6 inches deep for a little added drama, but you can do this anywhere from one inches to one foot deep. Cut your accent fabric to width, then cut it to length. If your border is 6 inches deep you will want to add this to the end of each long strip of fabric that will attach to the long sides of your tablecloth.

Sew the short ends first. Lay your table clothes face down. Line your accent fabric up to the tablecloth face side down as well. Use straight pins to pin it together. Work you way around the tablecloth. Use a sewing machine to attached the accent fabric. This is an easy straight line to sew. I highly recommend sewing over using a product like No Sew in this case since you will probably be washing this tablecloth. If you have to use No Sew try to buy it in the heavy-duty strength.

Once your Halloween accent fabric has been sewn on as a border you will want to hem to the edges. Fold your edges over about �½ an inch and iron them down around the tablecloth. Sew them down for a finished look.

Tip: If you find that you have made the tablecloth to small or too large don’t worry; there are easy ways you can fix this. To make the Halloween tablecloth bigger make a larger accent fabric border. To make it smaller you can trim the main body of the tablecloth before you attach the border or you can leave the border off all together.

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