Decorating Candles with Glitter & Twigs

Candle decoration is one among the simple and fun art craft activities. The addition of candles to the decorations of various events of celebrations is common now days. Moreover, handmade and decorated candles are one among the profitable small businesses. You can think of hundred ways to decorate your candles, but the use of glitter gives a glimmering finishing touch to your simple candles. Moreover, if you want o create some natural look, then simple add some twigs to the candles. The glittery candles can be used in weeding ceremonies or candle light dinners etc. while, the candles with twigs can be used to any celebration during winter to resemble fire and coldness.

Things Required:

– Glitter – of your favorite color
– Disposable craft plate
– Craft brush
– Small twigs of same size
– Piece of fabric – according to the color of candle
– Fabric Glue
– Hot Glue Gun
– Candle


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    Make Candles at Home

    Although wide range of simple candles is simply available in the market, but you can make your own ones at home at it is not only simply but a cost-effective activity. Learn How to Make Candles at Home.

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    Complete Glitter Candles

    Once you make your candles, use some glitter to give them sparkling fishing touch. Pour some craft glue onto a disposable craft plate and mix it well.

    Place one of the candles in a flat disposable bowl and apply a thick coat of craft glue all across its diameter, using a large brush. Smooth the apples glitter with the help of the brush to make sure that there is no corner un-glittered.

    Now dust the glued candled from all angle, using your favorite glitter.

    Set the Glittered candle aside until dry. Until then apply glitter to the other candles.

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    Bottom Glitter Candles

    If you don’t want to dip your candles into glitter, simply make some designs with glitters. For example, you can apply glitter to the bottom or top of the candles.

    Dip brush into craft glue and apply its thin layer all around the bottom-area of candle.

    Before it dries out, sprinkle some glitter all over the glued area and set aside to dry.

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    Glitter Striped Candles

    Make three glue strips around the diameter of your candles, using a paint brush.

    Now apply glitter to the strips and use a clean large brush the sweep away the additional glitters.

    Set aside to dry completely.

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    Twig Candles

    Use same sized twigs to decorate your candles in unique manner:

    Set the piece of fabric on a smooth surface and dab some fabric glue all around it.

    Use a blush the balance the layer of glue all over the fabric.

    Now add the twigs to glued fabric, arranging them in straight line. Wait for some time until dries well.

    Wrap the fabric piece all around the candle and fix it with a glue gun.

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