How to Make a Decorative Garden Shovel and Other Crafts

Did you ever wonder how to make a cat condo? Well, maybe the thought never occurred to you, but that’s what’s great about Associated Content’s Kassidy Emmerson. Her style of introducing AC readers to interesting and unique content makes her an impressive writer who will be read many times in the future. Drawing from her own experiences, Kassidy shares tips, techniques, explanations, how-to’s and more with AC readers.

The article, ‘How To Make A Homemade Cat Condo’, describes how easy it is to make a playhouse for your cat to enjoy. After noticing that her cat preferred cardboard boxes to a mountain of purchased toys, she was prompted her to write the article. It’s written with ease that gives the reader every step necessary to complete the project.

Another Kassidy Emmerson, article, ‘How To Make A Decorative Shovel’, tells step-by-step how to decorate an old rusty garden shovel to make an impressive addition to your flower or vegetable garden. She was inspired to write the story while helping to clear out the shed of a local farmer. Her explanation from start to finish is easy to follow and, when finished, is beautiful and unique. These examples show Kassidy’s ability to take a general happening in her world and turn it into an interesting article for AC readers. And, since these are crafting articles, she not only connects with the audience while they read, but her style tempts each and every reader to consider running out to buy a shovel.

Kassidy has published many articles at AC and other online venues. Her articles range from craft tips to health issues to home decor suggestions. Some of her articles actually take on more than one subject, like ‘Homemade Cat Food’. Technically a food article, it also touches on pet health as well as crafting with food.

Enjoy sewing? Check out Kassidy’s article ‘Sewing Leather Pants Into A Skirt’. In it she describes how to take a pair of leather pants and change them slightly to make a skirt instead. The instructions are clear and concise, making it easy to follow along and perform the same task at home. The idea is unusual enough to make readers that sew want to give it a try. And the article will reach more than just people who own leather pants, since the alterations can be performed on non-leather articles of clothing as well.

One of her most unique articles, according to this writer, is ‘How To Make A Homemade Wedding Music CD’. She discusses how some people simply don’t have the money for a DJ at their wedding, but would still like to have great music and dancing. I loved the article because it proves that just because you don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean you can’t have all the amenities anyway. All you need is a crafty mind or a crafty instructor, like Kassidy.

Another favorite of mine is ‘How To Make Your Own Homemade Door Knocker’, which I thought was a craft that many would love to do, but probably haven’t thought of until reading her article. I also loved ‘How To Make A Homemade Music Box’, which describes how anyone can make their own musical box, just like in the old days.

Some of her craft articles don’t necessarily describe how to make a particular craft, but how to repair crafted items instead. Take, for instance, her article entitled ‘How To Repair A Stained Glass Window Or Hanging’. If your home has one, you might not know how to fix it, but with her expertise, you’ll have no trouble.

Haling from Lucas, Ohio, Kassidy Emmerson attended Ohio University in Athens. Writing is her main love and her life. She has been freelance writing for more than ten years and is one of the AC writers whose articles we’ll be reading for a long time to come.

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