Tips for Organizing by Simplifying

Declutter your home and workspace by organizing your filing systems. This will make your life so much easier. Once you get organized, you will feel free from the oppression of mayhem and disarray in your home!

Develop a filing system for your bills and important documents. This can be as simple as using an old photo box with tab dividers, or you can purchase a specialtty filing box from an office supply store. If color coordination matters to you, make sure your file folders match the color of your box. Make one folder for each category you need to file, such as “Electric Company”, “Department Store Credit Cards”, and “Medical Bills”. Label each folder appropriately with either store-bought labels or handwrite them with a Sharpie.

A dollar-store basket works well for the papers you want to store such as soccer schedules, receipts, birthday cards, and Emergency Contacts. To keep filing from being such a daunting task, keep up with it by spending 30 minutes every 10 days placing papers in their respective file folders.

Keep your desk neat and tidy by keeping pens, pencils, and loose office supplies in storage containers. Keep your pens and pencils separate from other office utensils as this makes for a neater workspace and is also much easier to snag what you need in a rush.

Label your files in legible handwriting or by using a labelmaker. Do this each time you create a new file so that you have an easier time later finding what you’re looking for. Craft stores sell pretty labels for you to handwrite contents on. For bigger filing tasks, you may be better off purchasing a labelmaker that prints labels in different type sizes and styles. If you are using metal boxes and bins, in your office perhaps, you may want to consider using smearproof magnetic labels that you can rewrite on.

To spruce up your office space, save jelly jars to use as desktop containers or vases for fresh-cut flowers!

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