How to Form a Street Dance Crew

Following the success of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew and movies such as Step Up 2, the street dance crews have become extremely popular all around the globe. Many youngsters, who were before not very comfortable in even thinking about making their own crew, have now enough motivation to form their own street dance crew. However, there are several things that one must keep in his/her mind before forming their own street dance crew if they aim to earn reputation.


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    One must understand that whether they are a professional hip-hop dancer, a trained ballet performer or have been performing dance since your childhood, there is always room for improvement. One must know about his/her moves completely, and he/she must know how to dance all alone before dancing with others in synchronisation. Rhythm, passion, courage and creativity are some of the essential ingredients that one must have in him/herself in order to become a dancer.

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    Hip-hop dancing is more than only dance. Many are certain that it is a way of life. Way of life does not mean that one must dress accordingly or one must know everything related to their culture. It means that your way of thinking should even change to hip-hop.

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    There are several communities on social media networks, and one can easily locate local dancers that are interested in forming a street dance crew. However, it does not mean that once you have found the desired number of dancers, your job is done. You must make sure that all of the dancers you have selected can dance together, and they can have good relations with each other. It is essential that your street dance crew can gel together just like a family.

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    Other Crews:

    One must also see their local street dance crews, as there are always clashes between the crews, and you might be lucky to find a couple of good dancers from that disbanded crew.

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    Once you have selected all the dancers, it is time to choreograph your act together. It might be easy dancing alone, but dancing together is quite difficult. The dance must be perfectly synchronised, and yet it must also highlight each member’s personal talents and strengths.

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