How to Use an Ouija Board to Contact Spirits

You might have come across someone claiming that he or she is in contact with the spirits. Upon hearing you may treat this thing as a joke but the truth is that it is possible and there are many people around who are doing this practice. It is worth-mentioning here that science has confirmed the existence of multiple dimensions within our universe. This is probably one reason that some people come up with an experience of contacting the dead. However, a normal person would certainly think on the possibility of doing so. One way that many people have claimed for contacting with their departed loved ones is by using an Ouija board. Hence if you want to contact your departed loved ones it is good to know about using the Ouija board.


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    The first thing before you start using Ouija board is self belief. Make sure that you are fully sure that using Ouija board will make you contact the spirits of your departed loved ones.

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    It is good to have someone with you, preferably a male and a female, so that you are fully sure that you are not just moving the coin or planchette on the Ouija board.

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    Try having this at night when there is no interference of any type. Make sure that there are no distractions in the place where you are sitting and is completely isolated.

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    Switch off the lights, radio, TV, music system and anything that can prove to be distracting. Light some candles to add more to the atmosphere.

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    Be seated on the floor but not on a table in such a way that your knees are touching your partner’s knees. Keep the Ouija board in your laps to have more chances of being in contact with spirits.

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    It is better to first decide about the questioner. Although anyone can be a questioner but it is good if one of the two takes the responsibility.

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    Along with your partner, put your fingers lightly on the planchette or coin, moving it circularly around the Ouija board to mentally and spiritually engage yourself in the task.

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    While you are doing so, be positive and make sure you have the control. Let the spirits know your intentions and invite only good spirits. Try asking simple questions that do not have any other answers than Yes or No.

  • 9

    As you will ask question, it may take some time before you get your answer. You are being advised to be patient and polite while asking and repeating your questions. If there is no response on a light touch, usually there is no one. Hence, it is good to confirm if there is a spirit present.

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    Try avoiding any silly or negative questions like inquiring about your death and other such things. At the same time do not ask for any physical science so as to prove the presence.

  • 11

    It is also being advised to just treat the board as you do with any other source of information and not to believe in everything that is revealed to you.

  • 12

    Once you are done with asking the question, end the task by bringing the coin or planchette on the word goodbye or you may also say it yourself. Besides, simply remove your hands off the coin and close the board.

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