The Best Online Web Sites for Coin Collectors

Coin collecting information and supplies are all over the web but how do you know which sites are reputable considering you’re dealing with actual monies? Many collectors visit , an online auction where all sorts of stamps and supplies can be had but it’s important to check the seller’s feedback before dealing in large sums of money.

Some great places to purchase coin collecting needs are , , , and

If you have questions about a certain coin you can ask an expert at

There’s now software available to help the experienced coin collector to help organize, catalog and further manage your collection:

Coin auctions take place at where you can also find numismatic books and other educational resources.

Learn more about coin selecting, purchasing, handling, cleaning and other aspects of coin collecting when you drop by

Facts about collecting rare US coins:

Beginners can learn all about how to take care of a coin collection including cleaning and protecting at or learn how to start a collection at

Those interested in the actual metals used to make coins, and what years the different metals were used, can visit

No coin collector would be complete without at least visiting The United States Mint at where they have a special section for kids as well as other coin info.

At Open Directory there’s a lot of information about military coins:

Books and guides on coin collecting, coin history, coin recognition and coin value: or

Buying or selling coins? Try

Get an idea of what your collection is worth at

For a list of FAQ’s concerning coins and collecting go to or

At you’ll find many useful coin collecting facts and information.

An open directory for coin collectors:

Lots of articles and news pieces about coins:

Many people who collect coins want rare pieces but aren’t sure what to pay for them. Here’s a guide to help you know the average prices of some rare coins:

A similar site is

For facts on coin collecting and other collections go to where you’ll find monthly auctions, an online catalog and more.

If you’re selling coins you can read collectors’ want lists by visiting

Find just about any hardback coin book you want at

If you’re a teacher wanting to teach children about coins, print out the books available at

Avoid con artists who want to steal your collection or sell you worthless pieces by learning more about the subject at or learn to recognize scams by visiting

A similar site is located at

A vast array of coin collecting info is at where you can read all about auction scams, preservation of collections and more.

The ten rules of successful coin collectors:

Join others who share your enthusiasm for coin collecting at

Education and resource guides:

Meet other collectors in your area, in person at

Top 5 coin collecting magazines:

You can find other sites that have exactly what you’re looking for by putting specifics into the search engine such as “1940 nickels” or “rare silver dollars”.

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