Easy Suncatcher Craft Project for Kids

Kids love craft projects, and kids love making beautiful works of art they can give to mom, dad, or other special people in their lives. Craft projects give kids a sense of accomplishment, and craft projects encourage creativity, dexterity, and imagination. Encourage your kids to make craft projects they will be proud to display. Your encouragement and praise will give your kids the spark they need to bolster their creative side and instill a love of crafts that will last a lifetime.

The following instructions for making a beautiful suncatcher will definitely spark your kids creativity and imagination. Kids love easy craft projects such as this suncatcher made from a paper plate, clear contact paper, and tissue paper. This is one of the easiest suncatcher craft projects for kids, but although making this suncatcher is easy for kids of all ages, it turns out impressively beautiful. This is a suncatcher your kids will be proud to give as a gift or keep and display at home. Once they make one of these easy suncatcher craft projects, they’ll want to make many more.

Help younger kids make this beautiful suncatcher by completing some of the steps in advance. Older kids can complete this easy craft project from start to finish with very little help. Make a suncatcher in advance as an example. Although no two suncatchers are exactly alike, the example will help kids design their very own beautiful tissue paper suncatcher.

Necessary Supplies for Making a Suncatcher

To make one suncatcher you’ll need a paper plate, a roll of clear contact paper, scissors, a paper punch, narrow satin ribbon in a color of your choice, and tissue paper in various colors.

Optional Supplies

Optionally the kids can color and decorate the outer edge of the suncatcher. Provide coloring supplies such as crayons, markers, colored pencils, or watercolor paints. Glitter, small beads, faux gems, and other embellishments can also be used to further decorate the suncatcher. Let your kids use their imagination to make a unique suncatcher they’ll be proud to showoff to family and friends.

Easy Instructions

Begin making this easy suncatcher by cutting out the raised circular center of a paper plate. The paper plate can be any size. Discard the center, and if you want your suncatcher to be as colorful and eye-catching as possible, color and decorate the suncatcher frame. The way in which you color and decorate the suncatcher is entirely up to you.

When the frame is complete, cut out two contact paper circles about �¼ inch larger than the hole in the center of the plate. Find a circular lid or other object to trace around if necessary. Remove the backing from one of the contact paper circles, and carefully mount it over the hole in the plate. Make sure the sticky side is facing up.

Now comes the fun part. Rip or cut colored tissue paper into pieces no more than one inch in diameter in size, and randomly stick the pieces to the clear contact paper until the sticky area is completely covered. After the entire circle is covered, peel the backing from the second contact paper circle, and carefully stick it over the other so the tissue paper is sandwiched between both sheets of clear contact paper.

Lastly, punch a hole about �½ inch from the edge, and thread a long piece of narrow satin ribbon through the hole. Tie a knot in the ribbon, and hang your colorful suncatcher in a sunny window.

This is one of the easiest suncatchers kids can make. Although it’s easy to make, the beauty of this easy suncatcher craft project designed using tissue paper, a paper plate, and clear contact paper will impress kids and adults alike. Teach your kids how easy it is to catch the sun.

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