How to Draw Nine Squares in One

Square is a figure that is one of the basics in the geometry of Mathematics. The figure has some properties of its own and these are very crucial in the obtaining of the expressions in the subject of maths. Many people have special affiliation with the subject and become a habit of them to play with the figures and make new things from the subject. A square can also be used in similar method to draw many squares in one and this is what we will be describing over here in this article.


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    The first thing that is required to make nine squares in one is the law of the math. Math has several laws and they need to be understood in order for one to be successful in making the pattern of squares correct. Square is a figure that has special properties and they need to be known to the person who is looking to achieve the feat of drawing nine squares in one square. The most basic things in the regard of a square are that it is a figure that has four equal sides. Well many people will argue that a lot of figures may be formed with the specifications of four sides, so what is special about a square and why is it given this special name.

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    The answer is that a square is a special mathematical figure that has four sides and the most important thing is that all the sides of a square are equal in dimensions. The dimensions here mean the length of the sides and this gives these special properties to this figure. Now we come to the fact of how to draw 9 squares in one square. Well the procedure is quite simple but a few things need to be bought and be ready if you are to start the exercise. The basic thing is the piece of paper, a pencil and a scale.

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    Once you have all these items, you start of by drawing a larger square. Note that all the four sides must be equal and once this big square is complete, you have to draw the first square inside it. All the dimensions of this must also be the same and you then have to carry on and keep drawing these squares unless they are 9. If drawn with these instructions, they will give a beautiful symmetrical appearance and will look very pleasing to the eye.

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