How to Sell Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards

Vintage stuff tends to rekindle various emotional memories for genuine lovers. With Valentine day approaching fast, you can make some good money selling your collection of vintage valentine’s day cards.


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    Gather collections

    Gather your old vintage collections. Rather than picking just one or two vintage Valentine’s Day cards, it is better if you collect as many as possible. You can also search online for sales or auctions to add to your collection.

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    It is important to sort out your vintage collection. Rather than keeping your clients guessing about the condition of the cards, categorizing them will make things easier for you and your potential customers. Rank them as good, fair, poor. Even though a vintage card is categorized as poor, the buyer will consider purchasing it due to the honesty you have shown.

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    Search your options

    Before attempting to sell your collection, it is advised to have a look around and find suitable places such as shopping malls, or antique stores. This exercise is important for two reasons. Firstly you will gauge the market situation, which will allow you to set a certain price for your cards. Secondly, you will exactly have an idea of who is willing to buy your collectibles. If the price is reasonable, then the selling process will be relatively easier. Else, you always have the internet to sell your stuff. Wait and analyze before making a move.

    If possible, contact a seller, who you have previously worked with or trust. Show your collections and inquire about the worth. Maybe he or she is willing to buy from you but your asking price is a little too high. Shop around for other options before returning back if all other avenues are closed.

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    Garage Sale

    A Garage sale is usually the right place to sell your collectibles. Despite it being recommended by most, the major stumbling block is that the returns may be not to your liking. On the positive side, if you have displayed your collection in an eye catching way, your neighbours or others visiting your stall may be willing to pay you more due to memories associated with those vintage cards.

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    Internet Marketplace

    There may be several online market places where you can sell your vintage collections. However, make sure that you have uploaded them properly, taking into account the appropriate title, add keywords such as Valentine, Vintage cards etc.

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