How To Make a Paper Kite with Straws

Flying paper kites is a fun activity for kids, they really enjoy it. You can make it more interesting by asking them to make paper kites themselves. It is really easy to make a kite, even your child can make it in a few minutes. Making kites will increase your kid’s activity time in vacations.

Things Required:

– A piece of paper
– Measuring scale
– Tape
– Hot glue
– Scissors
– Stapler
– Straws
– Hole punch
– String
– Crepe paper


  • 1

    First, imagine the shape you want to have of your kite. Then take a piece of paper and cut it along in that way. If you want to make a diamond shape kite, first of all mark the points from where you have to cut the paper so it will remain equal from both sides, then take scissors and cut the paper in that shape. Once you are done with cutting, think about giving some more touches, like sticking some stars or different cuttings of various colours on it to embellish it.

  • 2

    Take two straws and stick them in shape of ‘T’ on the paper; one should be taped horizontally and other vertically in the middle of the kite.

  • 3

    Cut a string in four equal size, punch holes on four ends of the kite and tie those strings on all corners. Join all the ends of strings together and then tie a long string on the joined end. It is up to determine the length of this string, as it will remain in your kid’s hands.

  • 4

    Cut thin strips of crepe paper in fringes and stick two or three strips of different colours at the bottom of the kite. It will make your kite look good while flying up in the sky.

  • 5

    You have thousands of ideas to decorate your kites. You can make your kite in any shape you want; it can be a cartoon character, butterflies, triangles or even squares. You have all options to decorate it, apply paints or colours, draw anything on it, stick or write the stuff you like.

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