How to Make Customized Bass Lures

Bass, species of well-known game fish, nicely make a hit with a broad range of fishing lures. From soft plastic lures to the solid crank lures, the especially designed bass lures are commercially available in numerous sizes, shapes, colors and materials. However, you can make your own bass lures at homes in order to keep them more attractive and inviting towards the brass fishes. In addition to a savings in overall cost, homemade bass lures provides you with an option to customize them according to your need and requirement.

Things Required:

– Formed spinner bait wire with lead head
– Rubber skirt
– Plastic bead
– Clevis
– Willow spinner blade
– Metal beads
– Barrel swivel
– Pliers
– Split ring
– Split ring pliers
– Colorado spinner blade


  • 1

    Hold Spinner-bait

    Take a hold of a spinner bait wire in order to make the molded lead head and hook easy to get to.

  • 2

    Slide a Skit

    Glide a skit over the point of the hook and then up onto shoulder formed beneath the jig head. Choose primary colors like orange and red for the spring fishing. Moreover, choose black or blue for deeper water and other color combination of your choice.

  • 3

    Add in the Plastic Beads

    Grasp the previous assembled spinner bait wire properly and carefully slide a red or orange plastic bead into it. Now push the bead down to the bend of the wire.

  • 4

    Bring Together U-shaped Clevis

    Pull together the u-shaped clevis through the center of hole, located at the tip of a willow spinner blade. Now pass the spinner bait through the holes at the tip of the U-shaped clevis and then slip the assembled blade down next to the plastic bead.

  • 5

    Set the Metal Beads

    It is the time to position the two colored metal beads on the wire right after the blade assembly.

  • 6

    Form a U shape

    Half inch beneath the two metal beads, shape a perfect U-shape in the spinner’s bait. Bring a pair of needle nose pliers into play in order to grasp the wire properly and then bend it gently and carefully in order to achieve an accurate U-shape.

  • 7

    Form a Loop

    Set a barrel swivel on the newly formed U -shaped twist of the wire and bend the free tip of the wire back to the main wire in order to form a loop all around it. Now bend the free tip of the wire all along the main wire to fix and secure it in one position.

  • 8

    Attach Colorado Spinner to the Split Ring

    Use split ring pliers to stretch a split ring and slide a Colorado spinner blade into it. Now, slip the split ring onto the eye of the barrel swivel and enjoy fishing with the homemade Bass Lures.

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