How to Make a Calf Rope Halter

A halter is really necessary on the farms to restrain cattle, goats and horses. The leather halters available in the market are way too expensive to purchase and you might give up the idea of buying a halter for leading your calves. However, you can make a halter rope at home and avoid spending all those bucks. An ordinary three strand manila rope can be made into a calf rope halter. You can make the halter according to the required size of your cattle by putting an adjustable rope to it and the entire task won’t take much of your time.


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    You will need a hog ring and a three strand manila rope to begin with. Fold both ends of the rope onto the hog ring, as this will prevent it from unravelling. After crimping the hog ring, you better wrap electric tape on both ends of the rope to hold it into its position.

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    Use a measuring tape and mark 10 inches from one end of the rope. Now start twisting the rope from that point and keep turning it in the opposite direction until the strands to separate. You just need one strand to lift up from its position.

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    Now take the long portion of the rope and pass it through the strand you have just pulled out of the rope. When you pull the rope through the strand, you will get a tight eye loop forming.

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    Twist the shorter length of the rope to pull out another strand and pass the rope end through it to make the other tight eye loop. This will conclude the process of making the eye of the halter.

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    Now you have to pull out three consecutive strands by twisting the short section of the rope in the opposite direction. These loops are known to be the adjustment loops and will be used to determine the size of the halter.

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    Now insert the long section of the rope through the three adjustment loops one by one and pull it to the shorter section. You have just made the nose piece at the short end of the rope.

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    Make the stall of the halter by pulling the long rope through and leaving three foot section behind the loops.

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    Thread the long section end of the rope between the eye of the halter and this will become the chin strap for your calf.

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    Put your homemade halter on your calf, fitting it properly by pulling through the adjustment loops.

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