A Frugal but Fun Halloween

Halloween is the age old holiday where people believed that dressing up in costumes would scare off evil spirits. Today, people dress up for fun. There are Halloween parties to go to, games to play, and of course, trick or treating.

The economy is tight right now, and money is tight for everyone as well. Here are a few simple ways you can have an affordable Halloween. Before going to a party supply store, or costume shop, try the alternatives. Go to your local Goodwill, or second hand shop. You can find costumes, or costume ideas, just by looking around.

Here are some ideas I got just by looking around the Goodwill store near me. A lot of second hand Goodwill type shops sell old wedding dresses, old prom dresses, and old 1980’s type dresses. Right there are a few ideas. You could make a bride costume. If you want to spook it up a bit you could even be the bride of Frankenstein.

You could use the prom dresses as a prom queen costume, or a Miss America costume. You could even get creative with the 1980’s type dresses and make a Madonna, or Cindy Lauper costume.

This isn’t just a place to look for girls costumes. There are always old flannel shirts at these types of stores as well. Right there you have the makings of a scarecrow costume, or a cute little farmer costume.

You could always use stuff from home as well. Here’s a great idea for those old sheets you have lying aroundâÂ?¦ Togas! This could also be a fun and easy Halloween party idea. After all, who doesn’t love a toga party?

When it comes to children, look at the cost of the costume they like, and price what the cost would be if you made the costume. Sometimes it’s better to make the costume yourself than to buy it, and it’s made with better materials.

Just remember with children’s costumes, you can’t put a price on safety. Use bright or reflective colors on their costumes. If you have a store bought costume you can always sew on reflector tape. Any masks or head coverings should be easy for your child to breathe out of and see out of. No matter what the costume, have a happy and safe Halloween!

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