How to Make a Citronella Candle

Bugs, especially mosquitoes in the summer, can be really annoying. One of the most effective solutions to this problem is to use citronella candles, as they can repel bugs and provide reprieve from insects that bite. Since citronella candles available in the market are quite expensive, you might want to make your own. Fortunately, the task is easy and does not take up a lot of time either.

Things Required:

– Pre-made candle wick
– Wax blocks
– Citronella oil
– Candle mould
– Sauce pan
– Non-stick spray
– Cooking oil
– Wood spoon
– Scissors
– Pencil


  • 1

    Light a stove on medium heat and place a saucepan on it. Allow the pan to heat for about 5 minutes.

  • 2

    Decide the size and number of candles you plan to make and accordingly add an appropriate number of wax blocks to the heated sauce pan. In order to determine the number of blocks you should use, refer to the wax block's packaging.

  • 3

    Allow the wax blocks to melt. For each pound of solid wax you are using, stir in 1 oz. of citronella oil. This has to be done while the wax is still melting. Be sure to occasionally stir the wax while it melts. When the melting process is successfully completed, turn off the heat.

  • 4

    Take out a pre-made candle wick and trim it such that it is 4 inches longer than the desired length of the citronella candle. Refer to the depth of the candle mould you will be using for this purpose.

  • 5

    To make it easier for you to remove the candle from its mould, spray a uniform coat of non-stick cooking oil onto the entire inside surface of the mould.

  • 6

    Carefully start pouring melted wax from the sauce pan into the mould until it is filled to about 1/4 inch below its rim.

  • 7

    Tie the trimmed candle wick to a pencil’s tip and lower it right into the centre of the mould containing the melted wax. Stop lowering the wick when the tip of the pencil touches the bottom of the mould. Adjust the pencil and make it sit on the top of the candle mould to prevent the wick from bending or falling into the wax.

  • 8

    Let the candle cool down in the mould and then remove it carefully. Trim the wick so that it is only 1/4 inch longer than the candle.

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