How to Use Invitation Enclosures

Enclosures are a great way to give out wedding invitations, birth announcements and shower invitations. You can suit your style for all purposes with the help of a variety of shapes and different colours. Invitation enclosures work in a certain way. They are used to withhold an invitation and mostly some additional stuff like reception cards, response cards and other stuff. A few of them have pockets to hold extras and other invitation cards have sides that fold in to keep the components safe and in place.

There are 6 enclosure styles within 3 size categories such as A7, A9 and 5″ square. Every enclosure is used with a particular enclosure flat card that gets fully inside the enclosure. By doing this you won’t have to do any additional cutting or trimming. On the other hand, invitation enclosures also fit perfectly into the envelope within their size category. These can be used horizontally or vertically, and can be decorated in any way you want or desire. The enclosure styles include half moon enclosure, folder enclosure, linear enclosure, gatefold enclosure, petal envelope and diagonal folder enclosure.


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    Embellishing enclosures

    Enclosures are blank slates that need to be decorated to suit your preferences. There are a number of different designs available to choose from. Rubber stamps are very popular choices in invitation enclosures. You can make use of a rubber stamp design to highlight your theme for either a baby shower or wedding shower icons. A nice decorative thing such as cherry branch or flourish can also be used. You can put in a monogram with alphabet or numerical stamps or a pattern designed with just shape stamps.

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    Make use of the ribbon

    All enclosures can be styled with the help of a ribbon. This will add an extra special and unique presentation to the invitation enclosure. The invited guests will love to untie the ribbon to open their invitation enclosure. It will be a special moment for them as ribbon is an amazing way to add additional texture and colour to the card. Satin ribbon, velvet ribbon, silk ribbon and grosgrain ribbon are popular choices.

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    Paper sash

    Wrap your enclosure with a decorative or solid paper as a paper sash. It is a comfortable way to design the invitation card according to the style of the chosen paper. Sashes can be easily trimmed and cut. Also make use of a double stick tape to do this.

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