The Top 4 Celebrity Astrology Websites

There are many beginner astrology sites available, but navigating sites for celebrity astrology is not so easy. Many astrology sites in general divert so much from the original science it can hardly be called astrology. One of the most important aspects of a celebrity astrology site is fresh content. As the world turns, so do the other planets, and the events that they represent. So a very current site was one of my criteria. Also, since many of the books and sites lately repeat boring fluff, watered down to fit a wide commercial audience I wanted sites that offered unique information or a unique perspective.


Every once in a while someone comes along and shakes the earth until the ground breaks. One such person is the late Lois Rodden. She created such a monumental change in the field of astrology with her powerful tool Astrodatabank; the science may never be the same. Bringing astrologers into the new millennium, Astrodatabank for the first time ever in history offered astrologers the ability to pull data of individuals based on everything from appearance, to temperament, to profession, and all of this at warp speed. What took the ancient astrologer years to gather in his mind and notate on his clay tablets or parchment paper is now available at the click of a button, and with monthly updates it remains constantly fresh. The databank itself must be purchased but there are free charts of the most current characters in the news along with extremely interesting discussion and comments from our fellow astrologers; definitely worth reading. I don’t know where the astrology world would be without astrodatabank, a critical tool in astrological research. Most important in a field where validity is very often questioned and tested, research is also the only way to making it to mastery level in the field of astrology.

Astrology X-files

Various members of the astrology community have been noted for their hard work and diligence in translating and interpreting ancient texts. This site is probably the winner of the most unique astrology content award. A rare bird, this site focuses on the techniques used in the Hellenistic period to predict many things including eminence in the birth chart of important leaders. I chose this site, not because of celebrity profiles or charts, but because the ancient systems explained here were used to prophesize the fortunes, or misfortunes of great men. Examples used on the site include chart of Bill Gates and other men of eminence.

Mountain Astrologer

Mountain Astrologer is actually a magazine that publishes some of its articles and archives online. It is also an excellent source for the comings and goings of the most watched political figures. Planetary Tracks is a section in the magazine and online, which offers in-depth articles on the charts of world leaders and comparisons with various country and city charts. To gauge the political climate and understand it through astrology this is the right place to look.

Star IQ

Many readers, beginners and advanced alike will enjoy this site. Celebrity profiles are abundant, with cute insights, interesting predictions and an easy format for a student to pick up on. Not all analysis can be taken as the full accurate picture as some of the charts do not include the birth time, so we are basically doing sun sign astrology without the ascendant degree. But nevertheless, this site is downright fun. Cool pictures, fun people have been chosen, and various authors’ contribute, making this content very fresh and lively.

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