Four Alternate Ways to Use Tulle Bath Puffs

Bath puffs are nifty little scrubbers that come in a rainbow of colors. They are typically used with shower gel for gently scrubbing and exfoliating the skin. However, they can be used in many other practical and creative ways. Instead of throwing them away after they fall apart, and rather than using them solely for bathing, consider five alternate uses. Whether they are brand new or old and unraveled, they can be turned into something useful and highly unique.

Use Bath Puffs for Creating Unique Painted Designs

If you enjoy making unique works of contemporary art, try using bath puffs to apply the paint. Squirt acrylic craft paint of various colors in separate bowls, and sponge paint a canvas. Create a giant contemporary rendition of a flower by applying stamped tulle-patterned petals around a big yellow center. Create a gorgeous sky by applying white puffy clouds over azure paint. Use a different puff for each color to avoid having to rinse them in between each hue. They are a great alternate to rags, plastic bags and other random items that are used to create unique painted designs.

Alternate Bath Bags for Toys

Take apart bath puffs and you will have long tulle tubes. They make fantastic bags for holding bath toys. Cut a tube to the appropriate length, and stitch fabric binding along the bottom. Fold over and stitch an open hem along the top. Finish the bag by threading a thin piece of rope through the hem to create a drawstring.

Create a Handy Yarn Sleeve for Containing Round Skeins

Yarn sleeves are handy for holding balls of yarn, especially while working on a crocheted or knitted project. Use the aforementioned instructions for making a mesh bag, but do not add a drawstring. Make several yarn sleeves to accommodate skeins of various sizes. Switch bags as the ball of yarn becomes smaller.

Crotchet a New Scrubbers from Old Bath Puffs

My favorite alternate way to use old bath puffs is also the most practical. The tulle tubes can be braided and knotted to make back scrubbers, or they can be crocheted or knitted into new scrubbers. If you know how to knit or crochet, use the material as you would use yarn to make square scrubbers for the shower or bath. They will not fall apart like the original puffs.

Source: Advanced Crafting and Green Living Experience

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