Easy Instructions for Making a Purse

The quality of homemade fashion accessories is quite often much better than store-bought accessories, and handcrafted fashion accessories are definitely more unique than those purchased from stores. When an item is homemade, it is carefully designed and meticulously crafted with love. Those who sell homemade fashion accessories rarely get paid for their time. They must love what they do, because the bulk of their compensation comes from the pleasure given to those whom the items are created for.

Many people are under the impression that felt is used primarily for children’s craft projects, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can create a beautiful faux snake skin purse using embossed felt. You will be amazed by the beauty of the finished purse, and you will undoubtedly want a different color to go with every outfit in your wardrobe.

Supplies Needed

3, 10-inch by 14 inch sheets of embossed snake skin patterned felt in a color of your choice
2, 10-inch by 14 inch sheets of embossed flower patterned felt in a color of your choice
4, 5/8 inch color-coordinated decorative buttons
A skein of color-coordinated embroidery floss
Embroidery needle
Fabric glue
1 yard of color-coordinated �½ inch wide twisted cord


Begin by trimming the sheet of flower patterned embossed felt. This will be used as a decorative overlay for the flap of the purse. This overly will cover half a sheet of snake skin patterned embossed felt that has been folded in half lengthwise. Keep the top edge and left side square, and carefully trim around the flowers diagonally from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. Use the remaining piece of flower patterned embossed felt to create an overlay for the bottom of the flap. Cut out a section of embossed felt, and leave the right side square as well as the length of the bottom. Cut around the flower shapes diagonally across the rest of the piece. The length of the piece should not be altered, but the width should be trimmed so a gap will be left between the upper and lower flower overlays when they are applied to the snake skin embossed felt background. This open section will accommodate additional embellishments. Use the other sheet of flower patterned embossed felt to create the decorative appliques. Chose four embossed flowers, and carefully cut them out.

Fold a sheet of snake skin embossed felt in half lengthwise, and carefully position the flower patterned pieces on the folded sheet. Glue the first piece to the top left side of the fold, and glue the second piece to the bottom corner. Evenly space the flower cutouts in the open gap. Use a small amount of glue so the felt doesn’t stiffen. It is merely to hold it in place so the pieces can easily be sewed on.

After the glue has dried, thread an embroidery needle with one strand of black embroidery floss. Blanket stitch around the flower patterned overlays. Lastly, position the embossed flower cutouts, and sew them on between the upper and lower overlay. Sew the decorative buttons to the centers of the flowers.

To create the actual purse, fold the other sheet of snake skin embossed felt in half, and tightly blanket stitch the sides using one strand of color-coordinated embroidery floss. Create an interior pocket by attaching the piece with the decorative flap to the back of the purse. Be sure the decorated side of the flap will be on top before beginning, and attach the lower undecorated half to the sides and bottom of the purse using a tight blanket stitch.

After the purse has been completely stitched together, knot the ends of the �½ inch wide black cord. Securely sew the knotted ends to the interior sides of the purse. Knot the center of the attached handle for a decorative finishing touch.

Gift Giving Ideas

Consider making this beautiful felt purse to give to friends and loved ones. Make the gift even more special by filling the purse with small samples of lotion, perfume, and other beauty supplies. No one will ever believe this small but exquisite handbag was made primarily of felt material. Even more so, the recipient will never believe this beautiful fashion accessory was entirely handmade.

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