Create a Homemade Thanksgiving Wreath

Thanksgiving is a holiday of togetherness and warm, fuzzy feelings. This holiday is for being grateful and feasting with loved ones. Creating do-it-yourself Thanksgiving decorations is another way to show how much you care. Crafting homemade projects can be a fun group activity. A simple Thanksgiving wreath can be quick and easy to make. Placing a wreath on your mantle, doorway or table will add a splash of holiday cheer to your gathering. The hardest part of putting a wreath together will be choosing the size and theme. You may even be able to find materials you could use hiding in your home.

Choosing the Style

The look of your wreath can fall into one of several categories. To choose your theme, ask yourself:

  • “Do I need it to be kid-friendly?” – You may have some little helpers,
  • “What is easiest for me to do?” – Tackling a difficult project will create stress,
  • “How long will it be up?”- A flimsy wreath has a more limited lifespan than a sturdier one.

Assembling Your Materials

The most important item you need is a base. There are different choices available depending on the look you’re going to create. Grapevine or twig wreaths look fancier and elegant. Cheaper choices are straw, embroidery hoops, cardboard rings or even a wire hanger. The base sets the tone of your theme. The next item on your list is picking the glue. Here is a helpful guide to glues. If you happen to have a hot glue gun go ahead, warm it up and get crazy with it!

Adding Decorative Flair

To decorate your masterpiece, you will need a few of the following:

  • pine cones, nuts or acorns,
  • colorful autumn leaves collected from outside or shafts of wheat,
  • miniature vegetables like corn, pumpkins or squash
  • feathers

Don’t use too many or the wreath will become busy. If your wreath is being created with little ones, they will like to use playful holiday stickers instead. You can also have the kids make felt Thanksgiving cut-outs like turkeys, pumpkins or pilgrim hats to decorate the wreath.

Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve assembled and decorated your wreath, it only needs a few special touches. Make it festive with a big ribbon bow in one of the brighter fall colors. Burlap can also make a nice bow. Last but not least, have a welcoming sign that declares “Happy Thanksgiving!”

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