How to Sell Video Footage

If you have an aptitude for filming events and have a standard digital video camera at your disposal, you can create a video footage of just about anything.

Over the last decade or so, prices of digital cameras have come down dramatically. To become a professional and successful video footage seller, you just need to be patient and eventually you will find yourself making a lot of money.

Provided that you know how to sell, you can sell any video footage online.


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    You need to compile a collection of all video clips that you think you can put up for sale. Remember that you must hold copyrights to the clips that you are putting up for sale. A video footage would have maximum chances of being sold if it is related to interesting events from daily life or are a time lapse.

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    Make sure that you put all video clips in a single folder on your computer’s hard drive. This will make it easier for you to search for selective video clips.

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    Now, you need to find out which websites allow videographers to upload and sell their footage work. A google search would be the best idea. Ecofootage, Istockphoto, Stockxpert and Shuttershock are some common examples of such websites. You will get more exposure as a videographer if the websites that you choose has a nonexclusive agreement. A nonexclusive agreement means that you are not bound to that single website and you can put the same video clips up for sale on other websites as well. In simple words you can make more money if the agreement is nonexclusive.

    When searching for websites, look at the percentage royalty that a website offers on every sale of your video footage. If you can find websites that offer high percentage royalty, you will end up making more money.

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    From the list of websites that you have compiled, choose at least a couple of websites that you think are giving you the best rate. In case you think that the terms and conditions are agreeable after reading them in detail, it is about time to upload your video clips.

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    Once you have uploaded the clips, you need to give them maximum exposure. Uploading samples on youtube is a great idea. Tag the samples with links to your video footage selling webpage. You can also post footage samples on other social networking website related to video clips.

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